Charlie Harrigan

2311354I am a Vietnam era vet – served honorably from ’69-’72. I broke into broadcasting as a television technical director at KBIM-TV in Roswell, NM. Named a radio News Director at cross town KRSY, then moved into programming as a morning host and program director at the same station. From there, I’ve enjoyed opportunities on the air and in management roles at 21 different stations in 14 states during my 30 plus years in radio. And people dare to tell me I can’t hold a job! In between some of those radio assignments, I’ve held some “real” jobs, including Bus Driver, buried utility locator, dairy department manager, earned my insurance license, trained to be a restaurant manager, telephone technical support, and a rental car reservationist. And still people dare to tell me I can’t hold a job! Seriously, I’ve enjoyed a great career in radio, and look forward to my time in Fort Dodge, working with the professionals at Three Eagles Communications. Married with three grown and gone kids, living in Cleveland, Las Vegas and Oklahoma City, and 2 spoiled labs. Enjoy traveling, old cars, and old trains.