Largest Number of NYPD Officers Ever Called to Protect Thanksgiving Parade

ABC News

ABC News(NEW YORK) — New York Police are showing up in droves to protect the record-breaking crowd expected at Thursday’s Thanksgiving parade in the city.

The “thousands and thousands” of officers that Mayor Bill de Blasio said are going to be protecting the parade on Thursday will range from uniformed patrols to officers in plainclothes.

The concern over the crowd comes as so-called “soft targets” have come under scrutiny after the shootings and bombings in Paris and Mali in recent weeks. But officials, including President Obama, have said there were no specific threats.

At the parade, there will be members of the heavily armed and elite Hercules team as well as members of the city’s new counter terror force and critical response command who will also be heavily armed.

Bomb-sniffing police dogs and radiation detectors will also be used to locate any dirty bombs.

De Blasio said that it will mark “the most NYPD presence we’ve ever had for one of these parades.”

“We are ready here today and I have to tell you, the people of the city are voting with their feet: we’re going to see millions of people here today meaning they are feeling safe and secure,” de Blasio said during a press conference along the parade route.

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