We got a couple of calls about a found cat and a lost cat!

  • A black outdoor cat has been missing for a couple of weeks and his owner is worried about him. Midnight is a friendly cat, but a skitish around strangers. He was lost on 7th Avenue North. If you have seen him or found him, please call 443-388-2710.


  • A super friendly orange and white cat was found about a month ago and the couple who found him are needing to find it’s owner. The husband is allergic to cats and they can’t keep it around. They took it to the vet and got all of it’s shots updated and such. It has been declawed and has a microchip, but it is not activated. They said that the can is super friendly and you can tell that it was loved by it’s family. They also said that the cat kinda looks like Garfield. If you are missing your pet and this describes it, please call 571-0096 to bring it home.