Fort Dodge Shooting Suspect Charged

One of the Individuals arrested for the shooting on Tuesday in Fort Dodge has been charged. Jacob Benton, 19, is charged with intimidation with a dangerous weapon. Court records alleged that Benton shot at a vehicle at 2607 170th st in Fort Dodge. The vehicle substained damage when the bullet hit it. Derek Johnson, who is Benton’s lawyer asked in court for Benton to be released without bond because he was acting in self-defense. Johnson said Benton was threatened with a weapon, and that’s why he acted, it’s not his normal behavior. Magistrate Thatcher denied Johnson saying, “this is a serious crime”. He also said that he wouldn’t care if it was the mayor of Fort Dodge. The allegation is that he shot a gun at a vehicle, while people were in it. Court records show that three people were in the vehicle at the time. Intimidation with a dangerous weapon is a Class C felony. Thatcher continued by holding Benton on a 10,000 dollars cash only bond.