Stop Boxes Approved

Last night, the Fort Dodge City Council approved a change order in the amount of $600,695.94. This payment is to Ferguson Enterprises, the company that was approved by the City Council for the Water Meter Project. The City is changing all water meters to digital, so that they can be read from the Water Department. This saves workers from having to drive and read all the meters. This change order is for 1,000 stop boxes, which allows the City to turn off services to delinquent customers faster and easier.  Stats presented to the City Council suggest that 350-400 customers per month don’t pay their water bills. These stop boxes will be placed on homes with the highest bills owed. Councilman Terry Moehnke had many questions for City staff:

I also asked Councilman Moehnke if more stop boxes could be implemented in the future:

The prices of the boxes were the Council’s biggest concern.