Plan to Remove Dams in Des Moines River Moving Forward

A plan was presented to Fort Dodge City Council last night to remove two dams in the Des Moines River during the winter of 2018-2019.  Wade Greiman, a project manager with Snyder & Associates of Ankeny said that the project would cost an estimated 4.3 million,. 3.55 million would go  removing the Hydroelectric Dam, and 750,00 to the dam south of Kenyon Road Bridge known as the Little Dam.

The council will consider a 9 million general bond issue on March 12th, and funds for both dams are expected to be included. After the dams are removed, a structure will be built to reduce stream bed erosion and to direct the water. One of the structures considered is called a rock crest weir, that was used on Cedar River in Charles city to create whitewater kayaking and canoeing.

The other structure option is called a “J-Hook” that would be north of the Hydroelectric Dam, and that would direct the flow of the water while creating good fishing areas on the river. City Council recommended the removal of the dams in a riverfront masterplan last year, no action was taken on the plan last night and multiple steps are needed to begin demolishing the dams.