Webster County Engineers advise residents on road conditions

Message from the Webster County Engineer’s Office: Thawing, precipitation, fog, and overcast skies have combined to cause the granular surfaced roads in the county to become soft.  The condition of the roads may make it difficult for all types of travel.  Loads are capable of damaging roads with a limited number of passes.  Landowners, cooperatives, and rural businesses are requested to minimize any heavy hauling until the road conditions improve.  Traveling early in the morning while the ground is frozen can often reduce damage to the roads.  For hauling during the day, please reduce load size to lessen the potential for road damage.  Use of the paved roads, as much as possible, is recommended.  Every effort will be made by the Webster County Secondary Road Department to maintain the road system in the best condition practicable.  However, embargos and road closures may be required on certain roads incapable of bearing the customary traffic.  The cooperation of everyone is needed to minimize damage to the roads.  Your cooperation is appreciated.