Posted: Tuesday, 12 November 2013 3:31PM

Alec Baldwin's Testimony Punctuated by Alleged Stalker's Outbursts

Ditmitrios Kambouris/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Alec Baldwin was repeatedly interrupted as he testified in court Tuesday that his alleged stalker Genevieve Sabourin's conduct was something "out of a Hitchcock movie."

"Really?" and "He's Lying," Sabourin yelled at Baldwin when he denied the two had ever been intimate.

At one point, Sabourin, 41, screamed to her lawyer to object when Baldwin insinuated that she was a drug or alcohol addict.

The judge had to threaten her on multiple occasions to stop interrupting Baldwin's testimony.

"I've got to prove I had a sexual relationship," she told the judge.

"Stop defying my orders," the judge said.

"He's lying to you," she insisted.

Defense lawyers eventually escorted Sabourin out of the courtroom for a break under the threat of being held in contempt.

Baldwin, 55, was in the Manhattan court recounting stories where he said he felt terrorized by the defendant, whose behavior and threatening emails also terrified his wife Hilaria after their 2012 wedding.

A Film Society event at Lincoln Center and his home in East Hampton -- the day of his proposal to his current wife early last year -- were just a few of the places Baldwin said he would see Sabourin following him.

His voice rose and he got emotional as he told the court that he had to tell security at an event, "That is the stalker who has been stalking me and my family" when he saw Sabourin in the audience.

Baldwin met Sabourin in 2002 while filming The Adventures of Pluto Nash, where she was a publicist and Baldwin had a small role. He has said that they only have met a few times over the last decade and it was always professional, yet she would send emails saying "I want to be your wife now" and "The best gift from you ... would be to conceive a mini-Baldwin."

Sabourin was arrested outside Baldwin's apartment last year.

Hilaria Baldwin is expected to testify on Tuesday.

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