Caution Urged with Contractors

In the wake of recent severe weather, local officials are urging citizens to use caution if approached by a door-to-door contractor.  In order to work in Fort Dodge, such contractors must be licensed and registered with the city, which also insures that they are bonded.  Officials urge citizens to use local contractors to repair storm damage and to ask their insurance adjustor to recommend someone for the work.  The recent severe weather also left a lot of damaged vehicles in its wake, and dent tents are likely to start popping up soon in town.  As with door-to-door contractors, citizens are urged to use caution with anyone offering to repair hail damage to vehicles.  People should consult their insurance adjusters for assistance repairing any hail damage caused by recent storms.  If people encounter a problem with a door-to-door contractor, dent tent, or have questions or concerns about such, they can call the Fort Dodge Police department at 573-2323.  Try to get as much information as possible about the contractor, such as where they're from and what services they're offering, as well as any license numbers or contact information.

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