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My first Thanksgiving as the grandfather of two. I spent my life thinking "hope I die before I get old." Who knew it was the best part of life.
I'm thankful to God for all of the things I have.
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Robert Kennedy's touching tribute to his brother.
At the 1964 national convention, Robert F. Kennedy addressed the convention with what became famous as his "Stars" speech. He quoted Shakespeare when speaking of his brother, the late President John F. Kennedy. "When he shall die, cut him into little stars, and he shall make the face of heaven so fond, that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun."
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Learning the Tango

Al Pacino won as an Oscar for his portrayel of a former Army Lt. Colonol, now blind and alone who cruises New York City in style one last time. This is my favorite part of the movie. It's one of my favorite parts of any movie.  
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The Election is Over!
The election is over in Ft.Dodge  and I'm delighted at the outcome. Election to a 4800 dollar a year job should never entitle anyone to treat others with contempt and cruelty. The irony here is Councilman Wilson is hurting the people he says he serves by making them feel they're second lass citizens who need his protection. Gets him what he wants but I wouldn't want to go through live being told I'm nothing but a poor south sider.    
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