Lost/Found Pets
Check here if you found an animal that is not yours or if you have lost you loved animal. We may be able to put you in contact with the owner who is desperately looking for their loved one or the person who found your pet. You can call us at 955-5656 or email us at FTDwebmaster@digity.me. If you have contacted us with the lost or found pet, please let us know if the pet has been returned to the loving family so that caring people aren't still out looking for them.

FOUND DOGS!!!! 3/26/15

These 3 dogs were found out and about and brought into Town & Country Vet Clinic in Fort Dodge. If one of these dogs is your missing pet, please give Town & Country Vet Clinic a call at 955-8591 and bring them home.

- A black and white male Japanese Chin was found with no collar or tags on P59 north by the Railroad tracks.

- A female silver Pitbull was found on 1st Avenue South with no collar or tags.

- A male silver Pitbull was found with a shock collar on 2nd Avenue South.

LOST DOG!!! - 3/11/15

Lost female Boxer her name is Cassie and she is Brindle and white wearing a pink collar. Cassie is scared and might not come to you. She won't bite so if you get close grab her. If you see her please call and her owners will come get her. 515-570-0789.

LOST DOG!!! - 3/5/15

A fawn male Puggle has gone missing from his home on the 1100 block of South 24th since around Noon today. His name is Pucker and he is not wearing a collar, but he is microchipped. If you have seen him or found him, please call his family at 571-5551.

LOST DOG!!! - 2/4/15

A mostly black male Boxer has gone missing! Rocky was last seen yesterday afternoon around 2:20pm on the southside of Fort Dodge around the City Dump on the dead end. He has a white patch on his chest and the tips of his paws are white. He was wearing a blue collar with no tags. If you have seen him or have found him, please call 515-227-8675.

FOUND DOGS!!! 1/22

A couple of dogs have been seen running around on Highway 17 around the Wright County Line and the Woolstock turnoff. They are said to not be staying off the road. One looks like a brown and white Grand Pyrenesse and the other looks like an Austrailian Shepherd of some kind. If you know of someone who is missing their dogs, they are still in that area.

LOST DOG!!! - 12/19

A Red Nose Pitbull named Rosco has been missing from his home in Lehigh since Sunday, December 14th. He is light brown with a reddish tint and has a white chest, a white line down his face and a white dot on the back of his neck. He was last seen wearing his camo collar and his tags. He is a big baby and super friendly. If you have seen him or have found him, please call 515-408-3002.

FOUND CATS!!!! 12/19/14

2 male cats were found yesterday around Oleson Park. One is a Orange Tiger stripe and the other is a black cat. If these are your missing pets, please call 515-573-9004

LOST DOG!!! - 12/16

Harley, a female Red Bone Coon Dog, has gone missing from her home around Old Expo Pool. She went missing this morning and she was wearing an orange collar with a tag on it. If you have seen her or have found her, please call 515-408-8577.

LOST DOG!!! - 12/15

A 4 year old female German Shepherd has gone missing from her home around the Sports Page area. Ava went missing on Saturday afternoon/evening. She was wearing a pronged collar with two tags on it and she is alo microchipped and spayed. If you have seen her or have found her, please call 515-408-5047.

FOUND KITTEN!! 10/29/14

A white, tan and gray kitten was found at Fort Frenzy. It has black on it's ears and nose. It is very clean and well mannered, so they think that it is an inside pet. Please call 515-571-7554 if this is your missing pet!

LOST DOGS!!! - 10/20/14

Two dogs lost from the Rabner Treatment Center and they have been missing since Friday afternoon, October 17th. One is a female yellow lab who is five years old. She has one ear smaller than the other. Goes by the name Tatum. The second is a year old grey and white Pit Bull Terrier. Goes by the name Rocky. Rocky is wearing a turquoise collar. If you see them please call Chad 515-302-9356

LOST CAT!!! - 10/15

Oscar is 9 years old and got out of the house on October 14 on 22nd Avenue North. He responds to his name and meows a lot. He only has back claws, is black and white in color, and is very friendly. Please contact Rick 571-9873 or Meghan 408-0007 if you've found him.

LOST DOGS!!! - 10/13/14

2 dogs have gone missing. They live between Stratford and Dayton.  One is only a puppy, a 3 month old White American Bulldog with a brown patch on 1 eye.  The other is a black dog with some white markings on his face and chest. If you have seen them or found them, please call 515-480-7419.

LOST DOG!!! - 9/24

A small female black and white Chihuahua Mix got out of her fenced in yard yesterday afternoon and is still on the run. She was just adopted from Almost Home last weekend and she is very afraid. She will run from everyone. She was last seen around 22nd and 28tth Avenues North. Please call 955-7214 if you have seen her or have found her.

FOUND DOG!!!! 9/19/14

A male Beagle was found on 4th Avenue South and 15th with a blue collar with flames on it. If this is your missing pet, please call 570-0789.

FOUND DOG!!!! 9/8/14

A male walker coonhound has been hanging around Dows, Iowa for approx. 2-3 weeks. He is very scared of people and runs when he sees someone. They got close enough to him 2 days ago to see that he is starving. He has no collar. They've been setting out food and water for him twice a day, but he still runs when he sees anyone. Please call 515-852-4536 if this is your missing pet!

LOST DOGS!! 9/8/14

Two dogs have gone missing from between Stratford and Dayton.  One is only a puppy, a 3 month old white American Bulldog with a brown patch on one eye.  The other is a black dog with some white markings on his face and chest. If you have seen them or found them, please call 515-480-7419.

LOST DOG!!! - 8/11

Sadie got out of her backyard in Gowrie near the high school. She is a wired haired terrier, tan in color and is microchipped. She needs found ASAP. A reward of $50.00 if you find her. Please contact Carol Schwarz at 515-351-9817 if you have found her or seen her.

LOST DOG!!! - 8/6

"Spunky" went missing from her home on South 26th Street and her owner has been looking for her since 7:15am this morning, August 6. Spunky is a mix breed, about the size of a medium German Shepherd. She is black with a tan and gray face. She is 14 years old and really can't hear a thing. She was last seen around the quarries with the faded red leash she broke. If you found her or have seen her, please call 570-7789.

LOST DOG!!! - 7/28

A 3 year old Chihuahua has bee missing since Sunday, July 27th. "Marlow" is brown with a curly tail and he has Cherry Eye in his right eye that his owner is taking care of. He went missing from his home on 1st Avenue North and 16th Street. Please call 515-571-5780 if you have seen him or found him!

LOST DOG!!! - 7/23

Carley slipped out of her collar 7/23/14. She is a black white and brown tree walker coonhound. Please contact me if you have found or seen her. She is very missed!! Please call 515-577-5906.

LOST DOG!!! - 7/15

Tuesday night our dog was lost or stolen and we desperately miss her. We live @ 2802 16th Avenue North and my number is 515-269-9426.  Please help us find our little doggie... Her name is Beezus she's a year and a half old, pug/schnauzer mix (looks like a pug without the smushy face).

FOUND DOG!!!! 7/1/14

A male black lab was found on Sunday Evening South of Duncombe around 250th Street and Brushy Creek Road wearing his collar. He is a smart dog and looks like he is around a year and a half old. If he is your missing pet, please call 515-227-6487. If there is no answer, please leave a message with a number.

FOUND DOG!!!! 6/30/14

Appeared on a farm 2 miles east of Newell on Mon., June 23.  White somewhat shaggy, medium size dog.  Very friendly.  Acts like might be used to going in the house.  712-272-3560.

MISSING DOGS!! 6/10/14

My dear neighbor has 5 English Setters. He came home after his doctor visit and 2 were missing. They''ve called Whittemore City Hall and the Whittemore Police Department and have searched and searched with no leads. These dogs are precious to him and he calls them "the kids" It's been a very emotional 3 weeks since they've come up missing. They are 4 yrs old and are brothers named Buck and Freckles. Freckles has a black tear drop on his left eye. Your help with be GREATLY appreciated. We can be reached by wendyb2689@gmail.com or by phone: Tim (712)922-9014; Wilma (515)890-8888; Wilma (515)890-8899; Wendy (515)341-0576.

MISSING CAT!!! 06/04/14

"Kenny", a large orange and white striped cat, went missing from 4th Avenue North and North 9th Street 3 days ago. Kenny and his family just moved from around Dominos. He has no collar and he is front declawed. If you have seen him or found him, please call Marie at 227-4182.

FOUND DOG!!!! 5/22/14

A large brown dog that looks like a German Shepherd was seen walking around off of 15th Street around the Sinclair station by Kennedy Brown. She was wearing a tan collar with silver stuff on it. She is friendly. Please call 570-9446 is this is your missing pet.

FOUND DOG!!!! 5/21/14

A male Yellow Lab has been hanging out around Badger for about a week now. He is a really nice dog. He had a shock collar on, but someone took it off of him. If this is your lost pet, please call 571-0615 to see if he is still hanging around.

LOST DOG!!! - 4/29

Bella Swan Wilson is an 11 month old small reddish brown Chorkie (Chihuahua & Yorkie). She went missing Saturday, April 19th and her collar was found a few days later around the 300 block of N 15th St near Tom Thumb & Reynolds Park. If she is found, please call 515-269-4919 or 231-457-8787 or return her to her home at 223 N 14th St, Fort Dodge, IA.

LOST DOG!!! - 4/28

A 4 year old female Mini Red Haired Ling Dachsund went missing from her home in Gowrie on April 19th. She has no collar on and her name is Lucky. Please call 319-795-6099 if you saw or have found her.

FOUND DOGS!!!! 4/6/14

Two dogs were found in the East Cooper Elementary neighborhood around Midnight, Sunday, April 6th. The dogs seemed to be together. One of the dogs was a smaller white dog with a brown face and a brown spot on its side and was wearing a pink/red collar. The other dog was a medium black dog with a brown belly and was wearing a black collar. The dogs were handed off to Law Enforcement about 2:00am. Give Law Enforcement a call if one or both dogs are yours.

FOUND DOGS!!!! 4/7/14

A female Toy Poodle was found on Avenue H with no tags. She is greyish/black with white on paws. Please call 955-2036 if this is your missing pet.