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Republicans and Gay Marriage.

Anybody truly believe Terry Branstad and Kraig Paulson want to fight about Gay Marriage? The Democrats will trade  Republican tax legislation to avoid a vote Gay Marriage. They'll cut food stamps, cut welfare....all to preserve Gay Marriage. 

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11/01/2011 10:38PM
Republicans and Gay Marriage.
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08/03/2012 3:01AM
Gay Marriage
It's not up to people, it's up to God and he said NO. NOT. Don't try to make it cool or anything else. God said NO. If you defy God, your country will go down. People are not the issue, God is. He said NO. Live with it, deal with it. And uh, no apolgies!
08/03/2012 3:41AM
Not a Poop-ularity contest
God doesn't have to deal with people, they have to deal with Him. He laughs at politics. Politics involve people and money and lies. As a registered Republican, I will say that Democrats spend way too much time and money on wasting our money.
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