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It's about the poor?

Seems there is a lot of concern about those on a fixed income, even for the poor, from those who have done very well in Ft.Dodge. The town has been in a steady decline, poverty has gone up dramatically, we have a need for programs to feed hungry children and we're told to slow down or stop any new ideas. This from people who have become wealthy while again, the town has declined and our standard o...f living has tanked. They'll tell those on fixed incomes "We're on your side" or "THEY are going to waste your money." They could care less about those with less than they do but they'll scare people, get them angry by implying a secret cabal is running things to benefit of a few, they're snobs, they're arrogant and we need to fire them and put in place...those who serve the interests of a wealthy few who are content and eagerly anticipate keeping the town poor and the people poor because that makes them KINGS! But if you listen, all they have to say is "it's all about those on fixed incomes." It's creepy but it works. Look at who's talking and ask yourself how some of these guys made so much money when the town did so badly,when so many kids are signed up for food assistance at our schools. C'mon...ask yourself this simple question... "is it really about those on fixed incomes? About the poor?"

02/20/2012 10:05PM
It's about the poor?
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