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Worth thinking about.

If you listen to the national dialoge, a question is being asked. The question has two parts; the first should business run the country or should an elected political class? Should goverment and the force of law be responsible for the welfare of the the people, should they act in the wake of natural disasters or can we depend the good will of our neighbors and countrymen? Worth thinking about. Worth talking about.    

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08/21/2011 6:05PM
Worth thinking about.
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08/25/2011 9:50AM
Worth Thinking About
We need less gov. Our elected political class think they are a gift to us and believe they're entitled for many benefits because of their 'sacrifice' of gov. service. Obama and family are making the most of their time with more vacations, buying sprees, parties, etc than any other president ever. We need to remove every professional politician - i.e. someone who has not done anything but be a politician. Term limits should be made. If the president can only serve 2.5 terms then every politician should only serve 2.5 terms.
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