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Bobby Knight

Name: Bobby Knight

Sign: Scorpio

Born: Halloween 1969 (I like presents for my birthday)

Likes: Vacations, football (pro and college) and long walks on short piers

Dislikes: Mean people, swimming in lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans or anyplace with sea life... YUCK!!!

Family life: My teenage daughter and my girlfriend since 2007.  With me being in Fort Dodge during the week, I travel to DSM every weekend to spend time with one of the two.

Favorite hobbies: Golf when I can, reading, and writing.  I've been trying to get a script written with a buddy of mine in Vegas.  We have the ideas but the writing is more difficult than we thought since we are so far apart (he's in Vegas).  Our thought is "If Hollywood accepts some of the scripts that get made into movies, we have as good a chance as anyone else!"

Favorite books: I hate to admit it but the "Twilight" books are pretty darn entertaining.  Plus I love biographies about celebrities.  Two of my favorites are "700 Sundays" by Billy Crystal and "Kiss Me Like A Stranger: My Search for Love and Art" by Gene Wilder.

Favorite movie: I have weird taste in movies... not so much weird as I know what I like.  Some of my favorites include "Roxanne", "Oscar", "Can't Buy Me Love" and "Same Time Next Year".  For movies I like to watch when I need to feel better about myself and life "Good Will Hunting" and "Henry Poole Is Here". And movies I'll watch anytime they're on TV... any of the "Rocky" films, "Roadhouse", and "Sleepless in Seattle"

Favorite food: Free.

Favorite TV shows: "NCIS", "Reba", "Sports NIght" and "The Sopranos"

How did you get your start in radio?: I requested the song "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice back in 1996.  I was working retail and called the jock on air at the local Top 40 radio station in Vegas and promised him my discount at the sports store I was working at at the time.  He played the bit on the air along with the song that day.  He came to the store a week or so later and introduced himself.  I asked "How do you get into radio?" and that's how it started.  I've done radio in Vegas (3 years), Savannah, Georgia (1 year), Des Moines (8 years) and now Fort Dodge (since 2009 year).  I've been very lucky.

What can we expect from your show?: Bobby's Buzz (Entertainment News), Stupid News, chances to win prizes and more great music than you can shake a stick at (trust me, I've tried).