Posted: Tuesday, 01 April 2014 5:48AM

The Real Final Words from Flight 370 Cockpit Revealed

Rob Griffith - Pool/Getty Images(PERTH, Australia) -- As the search for a missing Malaysia Airlines plane stretches into a fourth week, authorities clarified the final recorded words spoken by the plane’s pilots.

Malaysia’s transport ministry said the final voice transmission from the cockpit of Flight 370 was, “Good night Malaysian three-seven-zero.” Earlier, the government said the final words were “All right, good night.”

There’s no explanation for the discrepancy, and authorities are still trying to determine whether the voice belongs to the pilot or co-pilot.

Monday’s search for the jetliner included 10 planes and nine ships and continued amid poor weather conditions. At a press conference Monday, retired Australia Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston said Australia will soon be deploying an E-7A Wedgetail to act as a flying air traffic controller over the Indian Ocean.

Houston said the search area is roughly the size of Ireland.

“This search and recovery mission is the most challenging I’ve ever seen,” Houston said. “If we don’t find wreckage on the surface, we are eventually going to have to probably, in consultation with everybody who has a stake in this, review what we do next.”

The search area for the doomed plane has been refined due to data from the satellite company Inmarsat, which tracked the jet on a southern route off the western coast of Australia. But even knowing the plane did crash in the Indian Ocean, the exact location remains a mystery, said Chris McLaughlin, Inmarsat’s Senior Vice President.

“We can’t give you a definitive ‘X marks the spot,’ we can give you a range area in which to look, which is what the world’s navies and aircraft are now doing,” McLaughlin told ABC News.

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