Fort Frenzy

Fort Frenzy is a great place for kids and adults alike with all of the great games and attractions available. Everything from arcade games to laser tag and go carts. But did you know, they also have a dining room so that you can get recharged and back into the fun and games? That's right, the Fort Frenzy Cafe is open for you to get something for you to snack on or something for supper for you and your family. They have your snacks like nachos, pretzels and hot dogs, but they also have supper items like pizza and chicken wings! You can also have your birthday party there where they will take care of everything, the pizza, the invitations, the cake and they will even help you clean up! Stop into Fort Frenzy today or visit their website at

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Effie Hill stopped this morning and she brought some more great food from Fort Frenzy. Effie brought us on of their Italian Subs along with a Pickle and a Toasted Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich! Everytime that Fort Frenzy comes in, they bring something you wouldn't think would be there. The Italian Sub was delicious. Really something that you wouldn't think you would find there. What a great hidden gem as far as their food goes. Fort Frenzy is a great place to take your family anyway. Now you can take them there and also get a great meal!! Thanks Effie!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
The folks from Fort Frenzy stopped in this morning with an array of mini foods! They brought us some Mini Corndogs, Mini Tacos, Mini Pizzas: Sausage, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Pepperoni and All Meat! And to top it all off, they brought us some Dippin Dots!! Who doesn't love Dippin Dots!! Thanks for bringing us some of the great offerings that you have on your menu! Great food!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Melissa from Fort Frenzy stopped by again this morning and brought us something that we didn't think that they served there: Salad! Melissa brought us three different salads for us to try, a Traditional Salad, a Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad and a Fruit Salad. And that is not all! She also brought us some Fruit Cups and some Veggie Cups! We were both suprised and excited for such a fresh start to our day. The salads were delicious with great fresh ingredients and the cups were great also! Certainly a great snack idea for when you are getting hungry when you are at Fort Frenzy! Thanks Melissa!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Fort Frenzy stopped by this morning for the first time and boy where they set on making a great first impression! They brought us some pizza and cupcakes! The pizzas were a Chicken Bacon Ranch and a Bacon Cheeseburger. They were delicious! Right up there with the best of them! They also shared some of their cupcakes with us. They brought us some Raspberry-filled Vanilla cupcakes with Buttercreme frosting, Chocolate Chip cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercreme frosting, Lemon cupcakes wiht Lemon Buttercreme frosting, Strawberry cupcakes with Vanilla frosting, Confetti cupcakes with Vanilla frosting and Classic Vanilla cupcakes with Buttercreme frosting. Talk about a food coma! We were filled to the brim with everything they brought. You need to check out the Fort Frenzy Cafe the next time you go to Fort Frenzy. You will not be disappointed!

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