Humboldt Woman Charged in Embezzlement Case

A Humboldt woman has been charged following an embezzlement investigation at CJC Mechanical Solutions.  Krissy Johnson, former officer manager at CJC Mechanical Solutions, is charged with embezzling more than $200,000 from the company.  Johnson was charged with seven counts of theft in the first degree, seven counts of fraudulent practices, and one count of ongoing criminal conduct.

Three Charged in Fairfield Drug Investigation

Three Fairfield men were charged following a several month investigation.  The Fairfield Police Department executed a search warrant with the help of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Jefferson County Attorney's office on S. 6th St. in Fairfield.  The arrested George Kelley, Carl Babcock, and Andrew Sarles on various drug charges.  Kelley was charged with conspiracy

Fuel Tax Increase Takes Effect Sunday

A ten-cent per gallon increase in the state's gas tax goes into effect on Sunday.  Gov. Branstad signed the bipartisian agreement on Wednesday.  The measure will bring in about $215 million per year for road and bridge repair in the state.  A representative from the Iowa DOT said that amount is not enough.  The DOT receives most of their money from vehicle registration

Slauson Ordered to Pay Restitution

An Atlantic mother accused of faking her daughter's cancer diagnosis will have to pay restitution.  Letha Slauson pleaded guilty to child endangerment and theft in January after investigators say she gave her daughter cancer drugs and received community donations for treatment.  A judge ordered Slauson to pay $32,000 in restitution, which includes repayment for a Disneyland

Couch Freak Boogie Cancelled

Des Moines Sky Divers announced recently that the annual Couch Freaks Dollar Daze Boogie would not be held in Fort Dodge for 2015.  Jason Kent, VP of events, said that the cancelation was due to the gradual decline of experienced jumper attendance, which means they can no longer support the infrastructure needed to host the event.  Kent said the organization has loved the outpouring of

State Medicaid Program to go Private

A top state official says letting private operators run the state's Medicaid program would save money and improve service.  Lawmakers are questioning what impact that might have on the people in the program.  Director of the State Department of Human services, Chuck Palmer, spoke to a legislative committee Wednesday.  He told the committee that the state is planning to shift

Almost Home to Restructure--Updated

Almost Home Humane Society released a statement Wednesday regarding the future of the shelter.  Rick Edington, President of the Board of Directors, said in the release that the board is putting together a solid business plan to meet the demand of the homeless pets in Fort Dodge and the surrounding area.  Part of that plan will be to increase fundraising and scale back expenses to allow

Wage Bill Passes Both Houses

A 10-cent increase to the fuel tax has been approved by the Iowa Legislature.  The bill received bipartisan support Tuesday and would provide over $200 million annual for Iowa's roads and bridges.  The Legislature has considered raising the tax for several years, but did not take action until this year.  The last time the fuel tax was raised was in 1989.  Gov. Branstad

Wage Increase Appoved in Senate

A wage increase was approved by the Iowa Senate to increase the minimum in Iowa.  If approved, the bill would raise the minimum wage to $8.75 over a period of a year.  The senate also voted to establish more rules to curtail alleged wage theft by employers. The bill will now head to the Republican-controlled House, where there is unlikely to be enough support to get it the

Annual Skydiving Event Cancelled

A release issued by Des Moines Skydivers announced that the annual Couch Freaks Dollar Daze Boogie would not be held in Fort Dodge in 2015.  Jason Kent, VP of special events said in the release that the event "has not seen the success that is needed to continue.".  The annual skydiving event takes place over Labor Day weekend in Fort Dodge.  Skydivers come from all over

Air Choice One Flights Began Monday

Air Choice One began air service in Fort Dodge on Monday.  Rhonda Chambers, Airport Manager, was happy with the opening day turn out.  The first flight to Chicago left on time at 9:00am and the first flight to St. Louis left on time later that morning.  Chambers said that was important for the airpor:

Cause of Death Released After Fire

The State Fire Marshall's office has released the cause of death in the three victims of Sunday's fire.  25-year-old Amy Devlin, 6-month-old Bryce Devlin, and 5-year-old Joseph Kennedy were killed in the fire.  The state medical examiner performed autopsies on Monday and determined that their deaths were due to smoke inhalation.  The deaths will be ruled accidental. 

Fatal House Fire Under Investigation--Updated

The cause of a fatal fire in Fort Dodge remains under investigation.  Fire Chief Kent Hulett explains [Cause of Fire].  Hulett said emergency personnel were dispatched about 1246 Sunday afternoon to 703 4th Ave N.  They found the home fully engulfed and were not able to enter right away [What Happened]. One adult and two children were killed in the fire, which Hulett said was

Almost Home to Restructure

Following a sudden closure to the public on Thursday, Almost Home Human Society released a statement explaining that the closure occurred because the board of directors determined that the revenues available for operation were no longer sufficient to keep the facility operating at its current capacity. The release stated that the shelter would be reducing the hours they are open to the public and

Fatal House Fire Under Investigation

A house fire Sunday afternoon claimed the lives of one adult and two children in Fort Dodge.  The fire broke out around noon Sunday at a home on Fourth Ave North.  Crews battled the three alarm blaze amid strong winds which made firefighting a challenge.  Four people in the home were able to make it out and were being treated for smoke inhalation and burns.  The cause of the

Air Choice One Flights Start Today

Air Choice One begins flights today in Fort Dodge.  CEO Shane Storz says the company has one main focus : .  Flights can be booked at air choice one dot com or by calling 1-866-I-Fly-VIP.  The group has a goal of rebuilding ridership in Fort Dodge so they can maintain scheduled air service.  There will be an open house this afternoon from 2-4 at the airport.

Bill to Add Fine Arts to CORE Advances

A bill that would add fine arts to Iowa's core curriculum was approved by a House Panel Thursday and it now advances to a full committee for review.  The bill is designed to add music, theater, visual arts and other fine arts to the Iowa Core, which are the state's academic standards.  That core currently includes English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Similar

Vigil Held for Fire Victims

A candlelight vigil was held to honor the victims of a fatal fire Monday.  A makeshift memorial has started in front of the home where three victims lost their lives on Sunday.  Jordana Fowler said right now what the family needs most is support [Support].  Donations of clothing, household items, and gas cards can be taken to The Salvation Army, who is assisting the

Almost Home Closes Temporarily

Almost Home Humane Society Animal Shelter in Fort Dodge announced Thursday that it would be closed.  Shelter Manager Chris Ball could only say that the closure was temporary.  A post on the group's Facebook page said that the closure was for employee training and building maintenance.  The post stated they would honor appointments for boarding and adoption.  The post

Shellabration Headliner Announced

Boston was recently announced as the headliner for Shellabration 2105.  Head of Shellabration, Jim Reed, explains how they choose the bands : .  Reed said they do take public input into bands that come in, but have many factors that they consider before making a selection : .  They also consider the market, what will sell tickets, and what the budget is for a band.  Reed

Local Pastor Publishes Book

A local Fort Dodge man has published a book that explores themes of tragedy and redemption.  Pastor Dave Grindberg, of St. Olaf Lutheran Church, explains what lead him to write the book  : .  After publishing the book, students at the church were inspired to start their own writing group, called The Wind Writers.  The group's goal is to write, illustrate and publish a

LeMars Man Guilty of Bomb Threat

A 37-year-old LeMars man has been found guilty by jury of making a bomb threat on a government building and fighting with law enforcement.  Jeremy Hebert, of Akron, was found guilty Wednesday of making a threat to use an explosive or incendiary device and three counts of assaulting law enforcement officers.  Hebert was arrested in November when he told authorities he would drop a bomb

Sioux City Woman Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

A Sioux City woman has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the united states by obstruction or interfering with governmental functions Tuesday.  According to the Sioux City Journal, Kimberly Smith admitted to lying about the whereabouts of Jamal Dean after he shot officer Kevin McCormick during a traffic stop.    Smith initially told police that she hadn't seen Dean

High-Speed Internet Expansion Closer to Reality

A bill aimed at expanding high-speed internet in Iowa passed a House panel recently.  The bill was approved by members of a commerce subcommittee Wednesday and now advances to a full committee for consideration.  The bill would establish grant programs with $5 million in its first year to assist with the costs of expanding high-speed internet.  A West Des Moines Republican said

45,000 Sign up for Healthcare

The window for signing up for health care has closed and Federal officials say over 45,000 in Iowa have signed up or were automatically re-enrolled on the federal exchange.  Approximately 29,000 people signed up during the first open enrollment.  A release Wednesday noted that 2,000 people are still enrolled in plans with one cooperative that the state has plans to liquidate. 

Proposed Legislation Would Allow Production of Medical Marijuana

Legislation will be introduced by Senate Democrats this session to allow medical marijuana to be produced and distributed in Iowa.  The bill creates a a program to monitor the production and distribution of medical marijuana, similar to a measure that failed last year.  Sen. Joe Bolkcom says he expects resistance in the Republican-controlled house.  This comes after Gov. Branstad

Recreational Drone Users Watching FAA Decision

With the FAA recently proposing new rules for commercial drones, recreational drone fliers are watching closing to see if the new rules will eventually impact them.  Jennie Thomas, who purchased a drone for her farm, says the drones are able to scout fields for pests and to monitor crop conditions.  The drones require three things to be operated: a hot spot, a cell phone (most are

Closing State Hospitals Right Choice

Gov. Branstad has proposed closing two of the state's mental health institutions this summer.  Amy McCoy, with the Iowa Department of Human Services, says that it's in the best interests of the taxpayers and the patients.  One of the points she made was that key positions are harder to fill.  Mt. Pleasant has no psychiatrist currently and Clarinda's psychiatrist is going

Branstad Open to Working with Illinois for Medical Marijuana

Gov. Branstad said Monday that he is open to establishing a system to allow residents to get medical marijuana from Illinois.  Last year, lawmakers in Illinois passed legislation for a pilot program to allow companies to manufacture and distribute medical marijuana in the state.  Licenses were awarded in January.  Branstad talked about a future dispensary in Rock Island, IL, which

FAA Proposing Rules for Commercial Drones

The FAA is working on new rules for commercial drones. Drones are popular unmanned aircraft operated with a remote control.  They can be used to take areial photos, monitor crops, or inspect cell towers, bridges, and other structures.  The FAA is propsing rules for commercial drones that coujld include taking an exam to test aeronautical knowledge in order to be certified able to

State Hospitals to Close This Summer

The state is still planning to close two mental health hospitals this year.  Facilities in Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant are set to close for budget reasons this year. Patients at those facilities would be moved into private programs or to the facilities at Cherokee and Independence.  The goal is to have the transition completed by summer.  The Des Moines Register reports that mental

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Begin

The annual girl scout cookie sales began Friday Feb. 13th.  The money goes back into the troops and is then used for various projects.  This year, Fort Dodge Troop 13 had a unique idea  .  New this year is a gluten free cookie, which costs $5, along with Thin Mints, Caramel Delights, and many others for $4.  There are also several cookies this year that are

California Couple Charged with Fraud

A California couple is accused of using fake credit cards and IDs in order to defraud Iowa banks and credit unions.  The unnamed couple were arrested Thursday in Sioux City and face several forgery charges and one charge each of ongoing criminal conduct.  According to authorities, the couple allegedly visited two credit unions in Sioux City and got $9,800 cash advances on credit

Experts Advise Caution with Hospital Closures

The state is still planning to close two mental health hospitals this year.  Facilities in Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant are set to close for budget reasons this year. Patients at those facilities would be moved into private programs or to the facilities at Cherokee and Independence.  The goal is to have the transition completed by summer.  The Des Moines Register reports that mental

Adoption Event on Saturday

Area families interested in fostering or adopting can attend an event at Grace Lutheran Church on Saturday morning.  Bambi Schrader with Iowa Kids Net explains : .  Schrader said there are several areas of concern, including homes willing to take on teenagers, sibling groups, and children of different ethnicities : .   Families who have adopted or are currently fostering will

Comprehensive Plan Report Being Compiled

The City of Fort Dodge recently wrapped up a series of workshops designed to get public input into the needs and assets of the city.  The data will now be compiled and placed into a report by Housel-Levine Associates.  That report will be made available on the city's website for the public to view.  Once that report is complete, the city can then devise their plan and how to

Democrats Propose Minimum Wage Increase

Iowa Democrats are looking to raise the minimum wage.  Their first proposal was to raise it to $10.10/hr, but they have since compromised down to $8.75.  If the bill goes through, the first increase would be to $8/hr on the first of July.  The second increase would be a year later to the full $8.75.  The bill faces a tough battle in the Iowa House.  Iowa

Bill To Raise Fuel Tax Passes Iowa House

After the Iowa Senate passed a bill to increase the state's fuel tax, the Iowa House has done the same.  The bill passed a transportation subcommittee on Thursday and now heads to a full committee for consideration.  Both bills would raise the fuel tax by 10 cents.  The Senate bill was passed Wednesday and also heads to a full committee for review.  Currently, Iowa's

Two Start Date Bills Approved

Two different school start date bills are working their way through the legislature currently.  The Senate Education Committee approved a bill Wednesday that gives school district control over their start dates.  A House Education Committee approved a bill that would require classes to begin on or after August 23rd with no early start waivers.  Start dates are a hot button issue

CBS News Correspondent Killed in Crash

CBS news reports that correspondent for 60 minutes and reporter for CBS news Bob Simon was killed in a car accident last night.  Simon had been with CBS for over 50 years, covering wars, and other stories after joining the network in 1967, according to CBS.  Simon was 73 and was working on a story about the search for an Ebola cure for this Sunday's show.  Simon was a passenger

Three Powerball Winners

Lottery officials confirm that there were winners in three states of the 3rd largest jackpot in Powerball history and the 5th largest U.S.. Lottery prize.  The jackpot for the Powerball last night was $564.1 million.  Winning tickers were sold in North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Texas.  The ticket in Puerto Rico is the first winning ticket ever sold outside the continental US

Police Seek Robbery Information

Fort Dodge Police are asking for the public's help in solving a robbery that occurred Monday night.  According to police, a 23-year-old woman reported that her apartment on North 9th Street was broken into around 11 Monday night.  She was home at the time and reported that multiple intruders broke in and that she was assaulted during the incident.  She was treated and released

Community Workshop Held

On Tuesday night, Fort Dodge residents attended the first of three workshops designed to help create a comprehensive plan for the city.  The topic of the workshop was Community and folks from Housel-Levine, the company helping develop the plan, were on hand to hear about resident concerns.  Over 75 issues were raised during the meeting, including a lack of affordable housing, condition

Workshops For Comprehensive Plan This Week

Residents in Fort Dodge are encouraged to attend any of three workshops taking place February 10th and 11th at the Growth Alliance.  The workshops are looking for input from residents on what improvements they would like to see in Fort Dodge. Carissa Miller, Senior Planner with the City of Fort Dodge, explains [Purpose].  The comprehensive plan ties in with Envision 2030 and helps with

HyVee Triathalon To End

HyVee announced in a release today that it would discontinue its annual triathlon.  The release stated that the decision was difficult because they have become 'premiere for  events athletes and an important part of our company's history'.  The release went on to say that their health and wellness priorities contributed to the decision, as they want to make sure that

Storm Lake Police Make Drug Arrests

Storm Lake Police made several arrests Monday in connection to five-month investigation into the sale and use of methamphetamine and marijuana in Storm Lake.  According to a press release, police stopped a vehicle driven by 35-year-old Keomanivanh Senesoury and allegedly seized methamphetamine and cash believed to be from illegal drug sales.  Monday morning, police executed a search

City Council Approves Funding for BIVI

The Fort Dodge City Council met Monday and approved a Development Agreement for Boehringer Ingelheim, Vetmedica INC not to exceed $1.5 million.  The agreement is for expansion and upgrades at the sight on 5th St. NW in Fort Dodge.  The company has plans to invest around $100 million over the next four years.  The company produces drugs and vaccines for animals at the Ft.

Dak Given Probation

18-year-old Garhoth Dak was sentenced Monday in Webster County District Court.  District Court Judge Michael Moon heard statements from both sides before he passed judgment.  Assistant Webster County Attorney Ryan Baldridge stated that the particular risk associated with this offense has passed and that this was an isolated incident.  Dak’s attorney, Charles Kenville argued

Mathias Faces Theft Charges

A 19-year-old Fort Dodge man made his initial appearance in magistrate court this morning on a second degree theft charges.  Chase Mathias is alleged to have stolen a 2008 KIA in December of 2014 from Anthony Battazza, which is a class D felony.  If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.  Mathias was ordered held on $5,000 cash bond and a no contact order was

Marshalltown Police Warn of Scam

Marshalltown Police are warning people of a scam. According to a release, residents have reported receiving calls telling them have large fines and fees.  They are then told to use a prepaid credit card to take care of the fines/fees or they will be arrested.  Police remind residents that this is not a legitimate police officer.  Residents are reminded not to give any personal

Lawsuits Filed Against Syngenta

More than 360 lawsuits have been filed against agri-chemical maker Syngenta by farmers and farm businesses in more than 20 states, according to the Associated Press and hundreds more could still come.  The lawsuits center around Syngenta Argisure Viptera, a genetically modified corn seed that contains a protein that kills corn-eating bugs.  It was not approved for import to China and

Workshops For Comprehensive Plan This Week

The City of Fort Dodge is developing a comprehensive plan.  This plan adds to Envision 2030, which was enacted in 2006-2007.  Topics in the plan include housing, land use, infrastructure and many others.  In accordance with this, the city will hold public workshops on community, business, and the riverfront.  Residents are encouraged to attend these workshops and have a voice

Officials Investigate Train Derailment

A train derailment Wednesday in Dubuque caused rail cars carrying ethanol to slide into the Mississippi River.  According to the Associated Press, three of the cars caught fire, and all fires are now extinguished.  A spokesman for the Canadian Pacific railroad told the AP that two engines derailed, and 14 of the 15 cars were carrying ethanol.  Railroad officials say eight of the

Bill Proposed to Change Primary Election Rules

The Iowa Senate has given preliminary approval for a bill changing primary election rules.  The rules currently have party delegates pick a nominee when no candidate meets the primary threshold.  The new rules would have Iowa voters decide contested races.  The races likely impacted by this rule change would be for Congress, the Legislature, and Statewide Office.  Urbandale

Restitution to be Decided in Atlantic Fake Cancer Case

People who donated to a cancer fund for an Atlantic child who did not have cancer can seek restitution.  30-year-old Leatha Slauson pleaded guilty to five charges after she was charged with faking her 5-year-old daughter's cancer, for which she raised several thousand dollars.  Last month, a judge sentenced Slauson to five years probation and continued mental health care.  A

Cribs for Kids Hopes To Prevent Infant Death

Four counties in Iowa are participating in a program that hopes to prevent infant deaths from unsafe sleeping practices.  Black Hawk, Clinton, Hamilton, and Polk counties are reported to have the highest infant mortality rates in the state.  A program called "Cribs for Kids" from the Iowa Department of Public Health gives free cribs to mothers to prevent unsafe sleeping

Charges Filed Against Alta Man

Charges have been filed in a Sac County chase from earlier this week.  25-year-old James Mitchell lead deputies on a chase that ended at East Sac County Elementary School on January 29th.  He was alleged to have stolen a truck from a man at gunpoint in Alta prior to the chase.  Mitchell was charged with carrying weapons without a permit, carrying weapons on school grounds, eluding

New Director Named for Workforce Development

Gov. Branstad announced Tuesday that he had appointed Beth Townsend to serve as director of Iowa Workforce Development.  Townsend has been the interim director since Teresa Wahlert retired last month.  Wahlert was accused of mismanagement and creating a hostile work environment and defended her work to lawmakers during an investigation.  Townsend has previously served as director

Sex Offender Charged with Enticement

Des Moines Police have arrested a convicted sex offender for having contact with a 12-year-old-girl.  According to KCCI, police charged Luther St. Clair with child enticement for exchanging text messages with the girl.  The two met on a cell phone app called Words with Friends.  It's alleged that St. Clair asked the girl to send him nude photos, which she did.  Mitch

Webster County Engineer Seeks New Building

Randy Will, Webster County Engineer, presented a proposal Tuesday to the Board of Supervisors for a new maintenance facility.   Will said the county has outgrown the current facility, which is beginning to show its age.  Working with a consultant, Will said a decision was reached as to how to approach the problem : .  The location serves as both the central location for

Democrats Try to Increase School Funding

After Gov. Branstad proposed a 1.25 percent increase in school funding for the next school year, Democrats in the Senate said they will try to increase school funding by over $200 million for the next school year.  A recent survey of Iowa school superintendents found that a majority disagree with Branstad's budget and need at least a 6 percent increase.  Fort Dodge

Bill Advances to Ban Minors from Tanning

A bill that would ban anyone under age 18 from tanning shows no opposition according to the AP.  A House legislative panel approved a bill that prohibits tanning for minors at commercial salons in Iowa.  The bill will now head to a full committee for consideration.  Current Iowa law has no restrictions on minors tanning.  According to the AP, a lobbyist for the American

Jefferson County Residents Warned of Scam

The Jefferson County Recorder's Office and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office sent out a release warning residents of a scam.  Residents have reported getting a letter or unsolicited phone call asking if they want a copy of their deed and property assessment.  The calls tell residents that 'deed activity' was ' recorded in the public record' and asks them to

Changes Proposed for Domestic Abuse Laws

Gov. Branstad has presented the legislature with change to domestic abuse laws.  According to a release, Branstad has proposed increasing penalties for repeat domestic abusers.  He also proposed that anyone convicted of third offense domestic abuse, harassment, or stalking would have to serve a mandatory 85 percent of their sentence.  Another component of the bill would require GPS

Supino To Face Murder Charges 32 Years Later

An Iowa woman accused in the 1983 murder of her husband and his girlfriend will stand trial beginning today.  54-year-old Thersea Supino is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the 1983 deaths of Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory.  The bodies of Fisher and Gregory were found at Copper Dollar Ranch NW of Newton.  Supino was married to Fisher at the time but they had

Sioux City Mom Pleads Guilty

A Sioux City mom accused of leaving her 10-month-old son unattended in a tub while she smoked marijuana had pleaded guilty to child endangerment resulting in bodily injury, and possession of a controlled substance.  Maricela Vasquez was arrested in August following a 911 call.  According to KCCI, authorities found evidence of marijuana in the apartment and discovered the baby had nearly

Lara Charged in Chase

Fort Dodge Police arrested a 20-year-old man on several charges Friday night.  An officer spotted a vehicle speeding in downtown around 1230 Friday night and attempted to make a stop.  The driver refused to stop and a short chase ensued.  The driver was finally stopped at N 7th St. and 8th Ave N.  Chase Lara was booked into the Webster County Jail on eluding law enforcement

Snow Storm Hits Area

People are digging out following heavy snow over the weekend.  Fort Dodge received just over 9 inches while some places in the Des Moines area saw over a foot of heavy, wet snow.  Following the system Arctic cold descended on the state and will stick around through the first part of the week, dropping wind chills and over night lows below zero.  There are slight chances for snow on

Medicaid Recipients May Face Montly Premiums

One year after the modified expansion of Iowa's Medicaid program, some folks enrolled in the program may have to pay small monthly premiums because they haven't completed a physical exam and health questionnaire.  The governor agreed to expand Medicaid after receiving federal approval to make the modifications which required health requirements and charging contributions.  A

Centerville Firefighter Killed in Line of Duty

A Centerville firefighter that died in the line of duty has been identified as Assistant Fire Chief Mike Cooper.  Cooper was assisting with a blaze at a 300,000 square foot building in south-central Iowa Friday night.  He went home from the scene and died on Saturday.  Cooper started his career with the Centerville Fire Department on July 12th, 1977.  The building and its

State of the City

Mayor Matt Bemrich gave his State of the City Address Thursday morning.  Mayor Bemrich touched on several positive aspects of Fort Dodge over the last year including infrastructure replacement and repairs.  Millions of dollars in street, sewer, water and storm water repairs and replacements were started in 2014 and some will finish this year.  The total infrastructure repair and

Aperture At the Blanden

The Fort Dodge Area Camera Club has a show at the Blanden this month.  The show is called "Aperture" and will be up through April 11th.  Club President Roger Feldhans says the show is definitely worth going down to see : .  Pictures in the show are for sale and can be purchased by contacting individual club members.  The club meets all year round in downtown Fort

Altman Held on Robbery Charges

21 year old Daquan Altman made his initial appearance in Magistrate Court Thursday.  He is charged with Robbery 1st in connection with an incident that took place Wednesday night at Grand Daddy's.  The owner, 55 year old Daniel HabHab had closed the bar for the night when two young males entered and refused to leave.  They jumped HabHab from behind and took and undetermined

Fort Dodge Police Seek Suspects

Fort Dodge Police are asking for the public's help solving a robbery that occurred early Wednesday morning.  According to a press release, officers were called to 1104 Central Avenue around midnight.  A witness reported that the owner of Grand Daddy's was struggling with someone at the door.  Officers arrived and spoke to 55 year old Daniel Habhab, who stated that after he

Schenk Guilty of Murder, Arson

A man accused in the deaths of two Crawford county residents was found guilty on Wednesday.  Michael Schenk was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder and one count of second degree arson in the deaths of 80-year-old Marvin Huesling and 81-year-old Alice Huisenga.  The deaths occurred last March when Schenk and two others, Jayden Chapman, and Erika Dains, were at

Gas Prices Stable

After four months of steady decline, gas prices have stabilized for now.  According to AAA, the average price per gallon for gas nationwide was $2.04/gallon.  That was a slight increase from $2.03 on Tuesday, the first increase in 123 days.  Prices in November were averaging $3.35/gallon.  The low gas prices are largely to do with increased oil production in the

Air Choice One Flights Start February 23rd

Air Choice One will begin service in Fort Dodge on February 23rd.  To date, 200 tickets have been sold for flights to Chicago and St. Louis.  CEO Shane Storz and Marketing Director Cassy Davison were recently in Fort Dodge to meet with area businesses and community leaders.  Storz says Fort Dodge was a good fit for the company : .  The airline offers flights all week to and

Off-Duty Patrol Officer's Ticket Not Reduced

An off-duty State Patrol officer who was cited for driving 92 in a 70 mph zone in November did not have his ticket reduced.  This is according to the Iowa State Patrol.  Captain Ken Clary was cited in November of 2014 when he was pulled over and quickly let go by a trooper.  There is no video of the clocked speed and no police report was filed.  The penalty for driving 25 over

10-Year-Old Charged in Stabbing

Storm Lake Police are investigating a stabbing that took Monday night.  According to a release, police were called to 1500 North Seneca Monday night for a reported stabbing.  Upon arrival, police learned that a 10 year old boy and his 9 year old brother allegedly got into an argument.  During the argument, the 10 year old allegedly stabbed the 9 year old in the back with a kitchen

Osceola Police Identify Victims

Osceola Police have identified two people found deceased in a car in rural northern Clarke County.  The deaths of Erick Reyna, 22, of Osceola, and Noe Flores Rascon, 27, of Osceola were ruled as homicides.  Police have arrested Richard Lamb-Carson, 38 from Osceola and charged him with 2 counts of first degree murder.  47 year old Lynn  Sutton of Osceola, 43 year old Tracy

Officer Cody Harris Honored for Saving Life

Officer Cody Harris was honored at Monday night's city council meeting.  He was given the first Fort Dodge Police Life Saving Medal for saving the life of an 18-month-old child.  Officer Harris was on patrol when a medical call went out about a baby choking at Chen Garden.  He arrived ahead of medics and was able to clear the child's airway so he could breathe again. 

RAGBRAI Preparations Underway

RAGBRAI, the annual bike ride across Iowa recently announced overnight stops for the 2015 ride.  For the first time since 2004, Ft. Dodge was chosen as one of the overnight stops.  Mayor Matt Bemrich explains : . Bemrich says one of the biggest impacts will be economically.  Fort Dodge could bring in as much as $5 million dollars on the over night, which could bring upwards of

Osceola Police Make Arrests in Missing Persons Case

Osceola Police announced Monday that they had made arrests in a missing persons case.  A missing persons report was filed Saturday morning and an investigation was begun.  Upon further investigation, the missing persons were located in a vehicle in rural northern Clarke County, deceased.  It initially appeared that both victims had died of gunshot wounds.  At a press

Knierim Woman Killed in Crash

A 90 year old Knierim woman was killed in a crash on highway 20 at county road N65 on Thursday.  According to a report from the Iowa State Patrol, Cleo Ballstadt was stopped at a stop sign at the intersection facing north.  A semi driven by 28 year old William Pullen of Fonda, Iowa, collided with Ballstadt when she entered the roadway in the path of the semi.  Pullen's truck

RAGBRAI Coming to Fort Dodge

RAGBRAI, the annual bike ride across Iowa recently announced overnight stops for the 2015 ride.  Fort Dodge was announced as one of the stops on the 425 mile bike ride that starts on the Missouri River and ends on the Mississippi River.  Fort Dodge will host approximately 10,000 riders in July.  Fort Dodge has been working in recent years to develop the Corridor of Commerce on 5th

Gov. Branstad Trying to Expand High-Speed Internet Access

Gov. Terry Branstad is moving forward with planning legislation aimed at expanding broadband internet access in Iowa.  Members of a committee who will give him key recommendations say they're still sorting the complex issue.  The committee said they're still deciding what the overall goal should be.  Branstad has set aside $5 million in his budget proposal for the

Arrests Made in Odebolt Home Invasion

Sac County officials have arrested four people following a home invasion last Monday.  According to Sheriff Ken McClure, a 53 year old woman came into a hospital last Tuesday with broken bones she allegedly received during a home invasion.  According to WHO, three masked men allegedly knocked on the door of the woman's apartment in Odebolt and 2 Monday morning.  When she opened

Additional Arrests in Marshalltown Murder

Marshalltown Police have made additional arrests in a weekend murder.  Police were called to a shooting on January 17th around 11 at night.  They found 20 year old Dedrikk Fisher dead from a gunshot wound.  A manhunt began for the alleged shooter, 19 year old Jose Enrique Morales.  Morales was arrested on Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday night, police executed a search

Board of Education Will Let Legislature Deal with Start Dates

The State Board of Education recently announced it would let the Legislature deal with the school start date issue.  There are currently several bills working their way through the legislature dealing with school start dates.  One of those bills would eliminate the Department of Education's involvement in start dates and another would make the start date no earlier than August

Survery Finds Officials Oppose Branstad School Funding

An online survey recently sent out to officials in Iowa's 338 school districts regarding school funding shows that more than 200 superintendents oppose the governor's education spending plan.  Branstad has proposed a $3 billion dollar school budget.  That budget offers around $100,000 million in new school funding but most of it is earmarked for specific programs. 

School Funding Bills Passed

The Republican-controlled Iowa House recently passed a small funding increase for school, and the democratic-controlled Senate wants to provide more funding.  The House Education Committee approved the increase Wednesday for the upcoming academic year.  The increase is based on Gov. Branstad's budget proposal that would provide an increase of about $35 million in general support

New Rules for School Start Dates

State school officials have released the new rules for starting school early.  The new law states that lining the school start date up with community college calendars, finishing the first semester before winter break and professional development of teachers are no longer sufficient reasons to receive an early start date waiver.  Representative Kevin Koester, a former school

State of the Union

President Obama gave his state of the union address Tuesday night.  In it, he called for equal wages for women, tax breaks on the middle class, and raising taxes on the wealthy.  He also proposed free tuition at community colleges and new tax credits for child care.  Freshman Senator Joni Ernst gave the Republican rebuttal, focusing on job creation, specifically the Keystone XL

Marshalltown Police Capture Suspect

Marshalltown Police have apprehended a suspect in a shooting over the weekend.  Jose Enrique Morales is charged with first degree murder and going armed with intent in a shooting that killed 20 year old Dedrikk Fisher.  Morales was captured in Marshalltown Wednesday afternoon.  Investigators had stopped at a house for a routine follow-up with a potential witness and took the

Urgent Care to Temporarily Relocate

Due to construction at Unity Point-Trinity Regional Medical Center, the Urgent Care offices will be temporarily relocating. According to a press release, Urgent Care will relocate to Physician's Office Building West on the TRMC campus. Urgent Care will be closed on Wednesday January 21st, to facilitate this move and will reopen Thursday January 22nd. Patients seeking Emergency Room and

Bill Proposed to Change School Start Dates

Gov. Terry Branstad recently urged the Department of Education to make it harder for schools to get early start-date waivers for their school calendars.  This received a mixed reaction from schools and parents.  Branstad cited the Iowa State Fair and tourism as the main reasons for pushing start dates back.  This  month, Ankeny Representative and former school administrator

Slauson Given Probation

An Atlantic mother accused of faking her five year old daughter's cancer and raising money for the cause was sentenced Tuesday.  According to KCCI, 30-year-old Leatha Slauson pleaded guilty to five chargers and was sentenced to five years probation and continuation of mental health treatment.  She is to have no contact with her children.  She also received a suspended sentence

Morales Still At Large

Marshall Town Police are still seeking a suspect in a shooting.  19-year-old Jose Enrique Morales is charged with Murder in the First Degree, a Class A Felony, and Going Armed with Intent, a Class D Felony, in the shooting death of 20-year-old Dedrikk Fisher late Saturday night.  Police received a tip and served a search warrant on North Center Street but did not locate Morales. 

NW Iowa Man to Stand Trial

A NW Iowa man accused in the death of his mother will stand trial starting March 31st.  The bodies of Esther Neunaber and her 83 year-old-husband were found July 9th in their Akron home, which they shared with their son Jonathan Neunaber.  Court documents show that Neunaber acknowledged killing his mother around June 26th of 2014.  His father died of natural causes and his mother

Chariton Man Apprehended in Missouri

Authorities have ended a manhunt for a suspect in a shooting in Chariton.  45 year old Robert Eugene Graham was taken into custody in Missouri Monday night.  Graham was wanted in connection with a shooting in which a female victim was shot outside a residence.  The incident occurred on January 16th when officers were called to Court Avenue in Chariton.  They found 33 year old

Fort Dodge Police Investigate Shooting

Fort Dodge Police are investigating a fight that took place early Saturday morning.  According to a press release, police were called to 318 Ave M. West for a report of a fight.  A witness who called in the fight reported a gunshot while reporting the incident.  The witness gave a description of the person with the gun and a description of the vehicle the alleged shooter got into.

More Young People Turning to Farming

An increase in corn and soybean profits are bringing young Iowans and Nebraskans back to the farm.  According to The Daily Nonpareil, corn can bring in up to $4 a bushel and soybeans can bring in up to $10 per bushel.  Young people are now more likely to start a farm or join their families farming operation.  Another factor bringing young people back to farming is the

Reynolds Could be Republican Candidate for Governor in 2018

Speculation has already begun for the 2018 governor's race in Iowa.  Current Gov. Terry Branstad told the AP recently that, if he chooses not to run in 2018, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds could be the likely Republican candidate.  Branstad did not say if he would run again but stated that more than likely, he would support Reynolds.  Branstad told the AP she's "better prepared

Marshalltown Police Investigate Shooting

Marshalltown Police are investigating a death.  According to a press release, police responded to a reported shooting late Saturday night.  Upon arrival, police found 20 year old Dedrikk Fisher suffering from a gunshot wound.  Fisher was transported to a local hospital where he later died.  Police are searching for 19-year-old Jose Enrique Morales.  He charged with Murder

Newkirk Charged in Fraud Case

A 25 year old man was charged with six felony counts in Webster County Magistrate Court Thursday.  Nick Newkirk made his initial appearance Thursday morning on four counts of forgery and two counts of theft second.  All six charges are Class D felonies and carry up to five years in prison.  The charges stem from an incident in which Newkirk is alleged to have stolen a checkbook and

Lottery Officials Announce Arrest in 2010 Hot Lotto Case

Officials from the Iowa Division of Criminal investigation and the Iowa Lottery announced an arrest Thursday in a Hot Lotto incident from December of 2010.  A Hot Lotto ticket was purchased in Des Moines on December 23rd, 2010.  The winner did not try to collect their winnings until nearly a year later when Philip Johnston of Canada made a claim on the ticket.  Lottery officials

Water Main Breaks Keep Crews Busy

Three water main breaks kept city crews busy Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  According to Jeff Wood, the water main breaks were spread out on the south side of Fort Dodge : .  Wood said that it was a combination of several factors that caused the mains to break : .  According to Wood, everything has been repaired and crews flushed hydrants Thursday to clear the lines of

LifeFlight Base Coming to Fort Dodge

Unity Point-Trinity Regional Medical Center will now have a LifeFlight base right here in Fort Dodge.  According to a press release, beginning in early May, a LifeFlight expansion base will reside in Fort Dodge.  This will allow for 24/7 air ambulance services to the TRMC region.  President and CEO Eric Crowell said in the statement "By working together, we are able to to

Marshalltown Man Arrested on Attempted Murder Charges

A Marshalltown man is in jail after he allegedly set fire to his girlfriend and her mother.  According to police, they were called to a residence on N. 4th St. around 1:00 Wednesday morning.  Upon arrival, officers found a woman running from the home with her clothes on fire.  The victims were taken to an area hospital and then transferred to Iowa City.  According to police,

Branstad Proposes Closing Two Mental Health Institutions

Gov. Branstad has proposed closing two of the state's four mental health institutions.  In his budget, which was unveiled this week, Branstad did not include funding for facilities in Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant.  A report by the Des Moines Register shows that population at the centers has been declining in for the last several years, with only 24 residents in Clarinda and 47 in Mt.

President Obama Talks High Speed Internet Expansion

President Obama was in Cedar Falls on Wednesday to talk about expanding broadband internet access. The president is supporting a plan that expands high speed internet to rural areas and increases speed and affordability to all residents.  The president said in his speech that in this day and age, high speed broadband is a necessity, not a luxury.  Obama would also like the federal

Guthrie Retires, Dunbar Begins

At Monday night's City Council meeting, Fort Dodge Police said goodbye to one member of their staff and welcomed another.  Sgt. Anita Guthrie is retiring after 14 years with the department.  She first joined the Fort Dodge Police in August of 2000.  During her time with the Fort Dodge Police, Guthrie says she's enjoyed many aspects of the job : .  She also accomplished

Branstad Outlines Priorities

In his 2015 Condition of the State address, Gov. Branstad outlined his priorities for the next two years.  One of those was a balanced budget, in which he allocates $320 million dollars over two years for Iowa schools.  He also provided funding so that a tuition freeze could be enacted at Regent schools for a third straight year.  Branstad also outlined his plan to stop

Fair Board Notes Improvements

The Webster County Fair board discussed funding at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting.  Board Vice President Jody Anderson outlines the improvements that have recently occurred at the grounds.  She told the board that new air conditioners have been installed in some buildings, updated tables and chairs are being installed, and some of the buildings have been painted. 

Keystone XL Pipeline Veto Likely

Congress is back in session this week and one of their first issues to tackle is the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.  President Obama has threatened to veto any measure green-lighting the project.  The Senate is currently about four votes short of the 2/3 majority necessary to override a veto.  The Pipeline would run from Canada to Texas and pass through sensitive environmental

2015 Iowa Legislature in Session

The 2015 session of the Iowa Legislature gaveled in on Monday.  The sessions begins with concerns that there will be little money for new programs.  Gov. Branstad says that the state has limited money for new programs in part because the state is still paying for a property tax cut and education spending that were approved two years ago.  In his Condition of the State address on

Three Iowa Residents Charged in Child Pornography Cases

Three Iowa residents have been sentenced for possession of child pornography.  30 year old Anthony Simmons of Shenandoah, Iowa, was sentenced to 57 months in prison and 10 years of supervised release following that sentence.  Investigators found explicit of a minor on Simmons' computer in the spring of 2013.  He plead to possession of child pornography.  49 year old Robert

Wahlert Announces Retirement

The head of Iowa Workforce Development has announced her retirement.  Teresa Wahlert submitted her formal notice to the governor on Friday.  Her retirement was effective Sunday.  Wahlert has held the position since 2010, when she was first appointed by Gov. Branstad.  In 2014, she faced accusations of mismanagement and creating a hostile work environment.  Wahlert

Straw Pole Will Continue

The Republican Party of Iowa voted unanimously to keep the straw pole recently.  The Straw Pole has gone on for 36 years in Iowa.  Party Chairman Jeff Kaufmann stated that he wasn't surprised by the decision to keep the event.  The next step in the process is to find a place to host the event, which has most recently been held at Iowa State University.  Kaufmann said that

Flu Spreading Across Iowa

The flu out break continues to spread in Iowa.  So far, 32 care centers in Iowa have experienced outbreaks of influenza, according to the state's infections disease expert Dr. Patricia Quinlisk.  There are currently three strains of the flu spreading in Iowa, Influenza B and two versions of Influenza A.  State officials recommend seeing your doctor at the onset of flu symptoms

STEM Grants Awarded

The Iowa Governors' Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) advisory council recently named five winners of a competition to build Iowa STEM Centers for Advanced Professional Studies programs.  The programs are designed to connect schools with community-based business and industry to understand how STEM concepts learned in school apply to careers.  In a press

Winter Weather Advisory Today

A winter weather advisory is in effect until noon today.  Winds will continue to be strong and gusty through the morning, and wind chills will continue to fall before recovering by late morning.  Winds today are forecast out of the NW at 20-25 miles per hour with gusts to 45 miles per hour.  By late morning, winds will diminish slightly to 15-20 miles per hour with gusts to 30

Marshalltown Shooting was Justified

An officer involved shooting in Marshalltown was justified, according to officials.  The incident occurred on December 17th when officers Ramon Maxey and Benjamin Scheevel used deadly force against Andrew Worsfold.  The case was reviewed by Marshall County Attorney Jennifer Miller, who found that the use of deadly force was justified. According to a police report, Worsfold exhibited

Iowans Charged in Kidnapping

Two people have been arrested in Virginia on several charges including kidnapping.  Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorensen are from Clive, Iowa.  According to KCCI TV, court documents indicate that a truck driver alerted author ties in New Kent County Virginia to suspicious activity in an RV with Iowa plates at a truck stop.  Officers arrived and discovered Hodza, Sorensen, and a young

State Trying to Commit Sex Offender

The state is attempting to force a 53 year old Iowa man into treatment for sexual crimes.  Bruce Baker has finished his prison time for kidnapping a woman in 1991.  However, the Iowa Attorney General's office is attempting to commit Baker into treatment because he is classified as a sexually violent predator in Iowa.  A forensic psychologist who reviewed Baker's case

Des Moines Police Investigate Robbery

Des Moines Police are investigating a robbery that lead to a shooting.  The incident happened at a credit union in Des Moines Wednesday morning, according to KCCI TV.  The suspect, now identified as 30 year old Nicholas Brickman, left the credit union following the alleged robbery in a dark colored Ford Taurus and police began a pursuit.  Brickman then abandoned that car and stole

Burlington Police Investigate Domestic Dispute and Shooting

Burlington Police are investigating a domestic dispute that took place on Tuesday morning.  Police were called to the 100 block of South Garfield Avenue in response to a domestic dispute which resulted in a shooting incident.  34 year old Autumn Steele was killed and one officer was injured in the incident.  An autopsy is scheduled for today at the University of Iowa Decedent Care

More Snow and Cold On the Way

The Fort Dodge area could see another blast of cold and snow today into tonight.  A wind chill advisory has been extended to 9 this morning.  Winds are out of the south-south west at 10-15 this morning and will increase to 15-20 by mid morning.  Temperatures today will warm into the middle teens, but wind chill values will remain bitterly cold at -20 or colder.  A winter

Pharmacy Board Supports Reclassifying Marijuana Extract

The Iowa Pharmacy Board supports reclassifying a marijuana extract for treatment of epilepsy, according to The Des Moines Register.  The group declined to make broader changes which are supported by medical marijuana advocates.  The board's recommendation came down Monday, asking state lawmakers to reclassify the extract.  The extract contains very little THC, which is present

Wind Chill Warning for Wednesday

A wind chill warning remains in effect until noon today.  Winds are gusting out of the NW at 25-35 miles per hour, dropping wind chills to -20 to -40.  Air temperatures will not rebound much today, remaining in the single digits above or below zero thorough the day.  Because of the dangerous cold, several schools have announced cancelations or delays.  The coldest wind chills

Monday's Storm Kept Law Enforcement Busy

The winter storm on Monday night kept law enforcement busy in the early part of the storm.  According to police chief Kevin Doty, officers responded to 5 accidents during the day on Monday, all with no serious injuries.  During the night, a total of 10 cars were towed for snow route violations and officers issued 16 parking tickets.  The snow dumped 6 inches on Fort Dodge and

Ernst Sworn In

Iowa's first female senator was sworn in on Tuesday.  Joni Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, took the oath Tuesday morning in Washington.  She was joined by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley and retiring Senator Tom Harkin, whom she replaces.  Ernst says she is excited to get down to business and pledged to protect the state's farmers while pushing for government

Des Moines Police Apprehend 14 Year Old Car Thief

Des Moines police have arrested a 14 year old who allegedly stole a patrol car Sunday night.  According to police, an officer was visiting a home in the 1200 block of Stewart Street around 10:15 PM Sunday night.  While inside, he left his patrol car running.  When he returned to his patrol car, it was gone.  He radioed it in and a short time later, a Polk County Deputy found

Air Choice One Announces Flights to Chicago

Air Choice One has announced additional flights from Fort Dodge to Chicago O'Hare.  Flights will begin on February 23rd.  Air Choice One was recently announced as the new carrier for flights to St. Louis from Fort Dodge.  Rhonda Chambers, Director at the airport said in a release:  “This is great news for Fort Dodge and the surrounding region! The last time the

Dangerous Cold on the Way

The first winter storm of the season descended upon Iowa on Monday.  The storm brought heavy snows to the area as well as bitter cold and dangerous wind chills.  Fort Dodge received 6 inches of snow, Dayton recorded 5 1/2 inches of snow, and Gowrie recorded 6 inches of snow.  The storm caused several accidents on interstates around the state, including a 20 car pile up on I-80

TRMC Guildelines for Visitors

Unity Point Health-Trinity Regional Medical Center has issued visitor guidelines for flu season.  These guidelines include no more than two visitors at a time per patient, and all visitors must 18 or older, including siblings.  Exceptions may be made for cases involving critically-ill patients or end of life situations.  According to TRMC, all visitors must be in good health. 

Snow Ordinances in Effect

A winter storm warning goes into effect for the area from 2PM Monday to 3 AM Tuesday.  Snowfall from 4-9 inches is possible with this system.  Snowfall should around noon to the west and north west and make its way into Central Iowa by the evening commute.  Wind chills will be a factor with this system as well, as winds will gust out of the NW at 20-30 MPH.  This will cause

Fort Dodge Police Seek Public's Help

Fort Dodge Police are asking for the publics help in a Saturday morning incident. At approximately 10:21 Saturday morning, officers were called to the 1000 block of 3rd Ave S. for a report of shots fired. Witnesses stated that two vehicles were seen leaving the area shortly afterward. Officers investigated but did not find any evidence of a shot being fired or of the vehicles described by

Ottumwa Police Investigate Homicide

Ottumwa Police are investigating a homicide.  According to WHO TV, 25-year-old Roger Wiseman Jr. was found dead early Sunday morning.  Police responded to a reported shooting at 2:31AM and discovered one person with multiple gunshot wounds.  Wiseman died at Ottumwa Regional Health Center.  Authorities say the shooting was the result of an argument over stolen property. 

Jennifer Benson Elected County Attorney

The Board of Supervisors recently swore in newly elected city officials. Jennifer Benson was sworn in as the new Webster County Attorney.  She explains what her goals are for the next four years [What She Wants To Do].  Benson said the county attorney has many responsibilities including the prosecution of criminals, juvenile cases, and representing the city in any legal matters. 

Dangerous Cold and Snow on the Way

Two weather systems are affecting Iowa this week.  The first brought lights snow and gusty winds to the area on Saturday night and Sunday.  A wind chill advisory remains in effect until am for dangerous wind chills of 20 degrees below zero or lower.  Following that, another system is forecast to come in Monday afternoon and linger through the over night.  A winter storm

Des Moines Police: Stabbing was Justifiable

A Des Moines man will not face charges after stabbing an intruder on Wednesday morning.  35 year old Christopher Bear stabbed 34 year old Jahron Parker after Parker attacked Bear at a house on Amos Avenue in Des Moines.  Parker is alleged to have pulled a knife on Bear.  According to a Polk County Attorney, Bear's actions were self-defense, which makes the stabbing a

Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Man Pleads Not Guilty

A Sergeant Bluffs, Iowa man accused of head-butting his teenage son has pleaded not guilty to the charge.  According to the Sioux City Journal, 47 year old Bradley Graff entered a written plea of not guilty on Monday in Woodbury County District Court.  The charges stem from an earlier incident in which Graff was practicing wrestling with his 11 and 13 year old sons.  He is alleged

Snow, Bitter Cold On the Way

The first winter storm of 2015 is forecast for this weekend.  According to The National Weather Service, the still-developing storm looks to bring rain to southeast Iowa during the day on Saturday.  That rain could move into Central Iowa by afternoon.  A cold front moving in behind the rain will transition it over to snow.  Snow could be heavy at times in some localized

Data Breach Reported

Another large corporation has reported a possible data breach.  Chick-fil-A learned on December 19th that there was limited suspicious payment card activity from a few of their restaurants.  The company did not give any details, but said they were working with IT security firms, law enforcement, and their payment industry contacts to get all of the facts.  The company said it would

Fort Dodge Police Investigate Shooting

Fort Dodge Police are investigating a shooting that occurred Tuesday afternoon.  At 2:19pm, officers were called to the 400 block of north 9th street for a report of shots fired.  Upon arrival, officers spoke with witnesses and determined that a residence had sustained damage in the incident.  A window had been shot at 404 N. 9th St. and a bullet hit a wall inside the home. 

Marshall Town Teen Pleads Not Guilty to Murder

A Marshalltown teen accused in the death of a Tama man has pleaded not guilty.  18 year old James Head entered the plea Monday to charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit a felony.  The charges stem from the death of Adam Garrett on December 6th.  The state medical examiner's office classified the death as a homicide.  A second man has also been charged in

Bitter Cold Hangs On

A wind chill advisory is in effect New Years Eve morning.  Winds will be light out of the west at 7-13 miles per hour, but that will drive wind chills down into the 20-30 degrees below zero range.  Forecasters say that as the morning continues, air temperatures will begin to rise into the -5 to -10 range, but winds will also increase.  This will keep wind chills in the -20 to -30

Fort Dodge Man Arrested on Robbery Charges

Fort Dodge Police have made an arrest in a robbery from earlier this month.  According to police, a robbery occurred on December 12th in the 1100 block of 4th Ave. N.  The victim reported that two black male subjects had robbed him in the basement of the residence, and that one subject had shown a knife.  The victim was not injured and the suspects fled the scene.  Police

Logan Man Killed in Crash

A 58 year old Logan man was killed in a crash Tuesday evening.  According to crash reports, Richard Tiffey Jr. was driving westbound on highway 30 when 74 year old Linda Hack, also of Logan, crossed the center line and hit Tiffey head-on.  Hack and Tiffey's wife were taken to a Missouri Valley, Iowa, hospital and later transported to a hospital in Omaha.  The crash remains

U of I Accidentally Recruits Elementary Students

A clerical error is apparently to blame for an attempted recruitment of more than 1,000 elementary students by the University of Iowa.  Recruitment packets were accidentally mailed to the students who participate in the University's Wildlife Camp.  The letter from admissions director Emil Rinderspacher began by saying "I'm so glad you're considering the University of

Metzker-Madsen Held at Classification Center

An 18 year old Iowa boy, who was accused in the death of his 5 year old foster brother, will remain held at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center in Coralville.  Judge Kathleen Kilnoski had ordered Cody Metzker-Madsen held because he remains "a danger to himself and others".  According to the Des Moines Register, a psychiatrist diagnosed Metzker-Madesen with an

Crosstown Connector Purchase Approved

At Monday night's city council meeting, council members discussed several issues and also discussed how the new garbage system has been working.  Departing Public Works Director Greg Koch said that the implementation of the new garbage program was a success : .  City Manager David Fierck was also pleased with the city as the end of the year approaches, pointing out the new

Council Bluffs Man Arrested on Warrants

Council Bluffs Police are investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred yesterday afternoon.  According to police, two officers were attempting to locate a stolen Corvette.   Police located the vehicle and approached the Corvette on foot from behind.  As they approached, the driver of the Corvette reversed toward the officers and struck and damaged the patrol

Snow Ordinance In Effect

And a reminder to Fort Dodge residents: snow has fallen overnight and continues to fall this morning, which means the city's snow ordinance is now in effect.  If you live on a snow route, there is no parking on the street for 24 hours after snow has stopped falling.  Other residents are asked to move their cars to make it easier for the snow plows to get through.  After today,

California Man Sentenced on Heroin Charges

A 56 year old California man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for shipping heroin to eastern Iowa.  U.S. District Judge Stephanie Rose issued the sentence Friday to Lennon Hunter Jr.  10 years is the mandatory minimum for pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin.  According to federal prosecutors, Hunter was responsible for "a very substantial amount of

Sioux City Parks to Close Earlier

Sioux City city council members voted Monday to cut hours at most parks in Sioux City.  The move comes after noise complaints from residents who live near city parks.  The ordinance would close most of the parks at 9pm instead of 11pm, removing people earlier and stopping noise complaints.   The Sioux City Journal reports that council members also felt the ordinance would keep

Rayhons Trial Location Will Not Move

A former state lawmaker accused of sexual abuse will not have his trial location moved.  The Des Moines Register reports that District Judge Rustin Davenport denied a request for former State Representative Henry Rayhons trial to be moved outside of Hancock County.  The Iowa Attorney General's office requested the move after arguing they wouldn't be able to find an impartial

Humboldt Man Faces Several Charges

Fort Dodge Police arrested a 20 year old Humboldt man on robbery charges.  Kaleb Lenning is accused of three armed robberies that occurred during the day Thursday.  The first two occurred in Humboldt at the HyVee Wine and Spirits and at the Crossroads Cenex gas station where a suspect wearing all black made off with an undetermined amount of cash.   Around 1:15 in the

Fort Dodge Man Faces Solicitation Charges

Fort Dodge police have charged a 42 year old Fort Dodge man in connection with an on-going investigation.  Kevin McDonald was charged in a case from early November 2014 in which he was alleged to have been soliciting underage females via social networks.  The Fort Dodge Police worked together with the department's Criminal Investigation Division and executed a search warrant on

Man Arrested in String of Armed Robberies

Fort Dodge Police have arrested a 20 year old Humboldt man on robbery charges.  20 year old Kaleb Lenning is accused of three armed robberies that occurred during the day Thursday.  The first two occurred in Humboldt at the HyVee Wine and Spirits and at the Crossroads Cenex gas station.   Fort Dodge police were dispatched to the Days Inn around 115 Thursday afternoon upon

BVU Seeks Digital Media

Buena Vista University in Storm Lake is seeking entires for the annual Showoff Digital Media contest.  The contest is open to students in grades 10-12 and is a chance to show off their media skills : .  Dr. Andrea Frantz, Showoff Festival Coordinator and professor of Digital media, says it's very rewarding to see the work the students enter, in particular because it can inspire

Pipeline Company Holds Town Meeting in Fort Dodge Part 3

A public meeting was held Tuesday in Fort Dodge for the Dakota Access Pipeline.   Another concern addressed during the meeting was Eminent Domain.  Residents do  not have to agree to easements that would allow the pipeline to run through  their land. If they refuse, Energy Transfer company has the right to request  the land via eminent domain.  Kerri Johannsen,

Pipeline Company Holds Town Meeting in Fort Dodge Part 2

A public meeting was held Tuesday in Fort Dodge for the Dakota Access Pipeline.   One of the biggest concerns for landowners was the environmental impact on their  land.  Lisa Dillinger with Energy Transfer, explains the route and impact : .  The company explained that it would maintain the pipeline  above and beyond government regulations, including the use of

Pipeline Company Holds Town Meeting in Fort Dodge Part 1

A public meeting was held Tuesday in Fort Dodge for the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The public meeting is a requirement of the Iowa Utilities Board and is for information purposes for residents.  The pipeline will run from North Dakota to a hub in Patoka Illinois, carrying around 570,000 barrels of oil a day.  Adam Broad, a senior project manager with Energy Transfer Partners,

Names Released in Marshalltown Shooting

Marshalltown Police have released the name of a man involved in a fatal shooting.  Police say 25 yhear old Andrew Worsfold died after exchanging gunfire with Officers Ramon Maxey and Benjamin Sheevel in Marshalltown.  According to the release, police were investigating a robbery at the Jiffy Gas Station when they encountered Worsfold.  Police questioned Worsfold and police allege

Verdict Returned for Tama Man

After a seven day trial, it took a jury just eight hours to find a 26 year old Tama man guilty on two counts of second degree murder Thursday in Federal Court.  KCRG TV in Cedar Rapids reports that Gordon Lasley Jr., who was accused of killing his parents with a homemade machete sat without emotion as the verdicts were read.  Lasley was accused in the murder of his parents on February

Updated: Webster City Wrestling Coaches Out on Bond

Two Webster City wrestling coaches who were arrested and charged with felony assault and burglary over the weekend have bonded out of jail.  52 year old Terry Nessa and 50 year old Ted Larson made their initial appearance in Story County Magistrate Court on Monday morning.  Larson and Nessa are alleged to have driven a marked school vehicle to a residence in northern Story County.

Fatal Fire Ruled Accidental

A fatal fire under investigation in Granger, Iowa, was ruled accidental, likely caused by smoking.  The State Fire Marshall made the determination on Monday following the fire, which happened Sunday night.  The fire claimed the life of 55 year old James O'Connor.  The State Medical Examiner ruled that O'Connor died of thermal injuries related to the fire.  The fire was

Police Seek Information in Stabbing

Fort Dodge Police are seeking information in a stabbing that was reported Sunday morning.  According to police 33 year old La Tosha James sustained injuries during a physical altercation  early Sunday morning.  Officers responded to Unity Point Hospital and upon investigation, learned that the incident occurred at the Dodger Tap.  James suffered stab wounds to her upper chest

Updated: Webster City Wrestling Coaches Arrested, Charged

Two Webster City wrestling coaches have been arrested and charged with felony assault and burglary. 52 year old Terry Nessa and 50 year old Ted Larson are alleged to have driven a marked school vehicle to a residence in northern Story County. According to the Story County Sheriff's office, Larson and Nessa forced their way into the home of Lyndal Olson. According to court documents, Larson

Sac City Teen Pleads Not Guilty in Vehicular Homicide

A 17 year old Sac City boy has pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide charges stemming from a fatal car crash in August.  Trevor Feauto of Clarksville, filed a written plea with the Sac County District Court on Monday.  He is being charged as an adult with two counts of homicide by vehicle, operating under the influence, and two counts of homicide by vehicle-reckless driving. 

Straw Poll Could End

An Iowa tradition might come to an end.  Gov. Terry Branstad is trying to end the Iowa Straw Poll, which Republicans use before a presidential election to vet candidates.  It is also one of the largest fundraisers in the state.  Gov. Branstad says he's had talks with his party over ending the tradition.  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann became the first woman to win the

Webster City Wrestling Coaches Arrested, Held on Bond

Two Webster City wrestling coaches have been arrested and charged with felony assault and burglary. 50 year old Ted Larson is charged with first degree burglary, second degree criminal mischief, and willful injury, which is a felony assault.  Larson is the head wrestling coach for Webster City Community Schools.  Larson has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the

Boehringer Ingelheim To Expand

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. announced upgrades and expansions at its Fort Dodge location Friday afternoon.  In all, according to company representative Renee Ward, the company is looking to invest around $100 million over four years beginning in 2015.  Among the projects discussed were upgrades to offices and expanding some of the operations, including vaccine production and

Early-Start Waivers Will Be Harder to Get

School districts in Iowa may have to start school on time in the future.  The Iowa Department of Education announced Friday that it would change how it issues waivers that allow classes to start earlier.  A letter was sent to education leaders stating that the change is effective immediately.  Gov. Terry Branstad has lobbied for schools to start according to state law.  That

ISU Football Player Arrested

An ISU football player was arrested Friday night in Ames on domestic abuse charges.  WHO TV reports that Devlyn Cousin was arrested just before midnight Friday.  He was charged with simple domestic violence and obstruction of emergency communication.  He is alleged to have pushed a woman to the ground.  Coach Paul Rhoads said in a statement "Devlyn is currently suspended

Teen Charged in Marshalltown Death

Marshalltown Police have made an arrest in the death of 32 year old Paul Garrett of Tama.  According to a press release, police arrested 18 year old James Head of Marshalltown on charges of first degree murder.  He is being held in the Marshall County Jail on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, a class C felony, and first degree murder, a class A felony.  The investigation

Clive Police Investigate Death of Toddler

Clive Police arrested a 25 year old man on first degree murder charges Wednesday evening.  Joe Anthony Lopez is charged with first degree murder and child endangerment in the death of a 20 month old toddler.  Lopez is accused of using unreasonable force, torture or cruelty against the child, according to police.  The child was taken to Blank Children's Hospital on November 29th

Coralville Police Release Names of Victims

Coralville Police have released the names of the people discovered in a hotel on Tuesday.  Police say that 44 year old Penny Herman of Port St. Lucie, Florida and 41 year old John Tromba also of Port St. Lucie, Florida, were discovered by hotel staff.  Police were called and the bodies were sent for autopsy.  No trauma was discovered on either individual, and police are awaiting

Iowa DNR Charges 15 in Illegal Hunting Case

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has named 15 people in an extensive investigation into illegal hunting.  According to a press release, Brenton Clark, owner of Southeast Iowa Outfitters in Fairfield is facing several charges including four counts of unlawful commercialization of wildlife, five counts of possessing other people's deer tags, four counts of unlawful possession and

Holiday Lighting Campaign Underway

The City of Fort Dodge is looking to replace its Christmas decorations.  The current decorations are nearly 20 years old and have been repaired several times over the years.  Rhonda Chambers, from the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance's Imaging Committee, is in charge of the campaign : .  Chambers says that the first part of the campaign focuses on the snowflakes over the

Coralville Police Investigate Deaths

Coralville Police are investigating the death of two people found at motel on Tuesday.  According to a press release, police were called to the Suburban Inn in Coralville by hotel staff around 6:30pm Tuesday.  Staff had found the bodies of two people in one room.  Upon arrival police verified that the people were deceased and then secured the area.  The identity of the

Clive Police Investigate Death of Toddler

Police in Clive have arrested a 25 year old man on murder charges in the death of a 1 year old girl in Clive.  Joe Lopez is charged with first-degree murder and child endangerment resulting in death and is being held on $1 million bond in the case.  Officers say they were called to Blank Children's hospital on Nov. 29th to investigate injuries to the little girl; she died on

Record Harvest Expected

Farmers are seeing increased demand to sell corn to make food, and are seeing more soybean exports but things are otherwise steady, according to the latest crop update from the US Department of Agriculture.  The report looked at farmers in 22 states, including Iowa and Nebraska, who expect record corn yields this year.  The corn crop this year is expected to set a record at 14.41

Blanden Hosts Holiday Party

The Blanden Art Museum is hosting a Holiday Event this Saturday:

Meg Beshey from the Blanden says there are several other activities going on this month as well.  One of the popular events is a new after school art class on Tuesdays for kids ages 5-10:

The fee for the class is $5 for members and $7 for non-members. 

Mistrial Declared in Case of John Green

A judge has declared a mistrial in the case of John Green.  Green is accused of first degree murder in the 2009 death of Mark Koster.  The skeletal remains of Koster were discovered in the basement of a Sac City home in 2012 and Green was taken into custody in March of 2014.  Green denies the charges against him.  The judge declared the mistrial after the questioning of Sac

City Council Approves Rate Increase

The City Council also took steps Monday night to fund the design and planning of of the continued sewer repair project.  The first reading of a resolution to secure a loan in the amount of up to $2.3 million was passed unanimously by the council.  In all the city of Fort Dodge is undertaking $30 million of sewer repairs.  The council also had the third and final

LEC Court Room Remodel Bid Approved

The county board of supervisors met Tuesday and discussed the remodel project for the Law Center Enforcement Courtrooms. They accepted a bid from Kolacha Construction for $477,200, which includes two additional parts to the construction.  The board also planned a meeting with the architect and the engineer to discuss the increased cost for the technology work.  The work was

Fort Dodge Police Officer Saves Child's Life

Fort Dodge Police are recognizing Officer Cody Harris for saving a child's life.  Officer Harris responded to an emergency call of a child choking at Chen Garden on Monday.  When he arrived, he saw an 18 month old child choking and administered emergency medical care.  The child was able to dislodge a grape and began breathing again.  According to a press release, Officer

Bikes for Tykes 2014

Digity Communications is sponsoring their annual Bikes for Tykes promotion.  The promotion runs now through December 9th and is a way to help kids in the community have a great gift under their tree on Christmas Morning: a brand new bike.  Children that are served through Operation Christmas, Church Women United, and Upper Des Moines Opportunity receive the bikes.

Sanders Named Assistant Fire Chief

Fort Dodge Fire Chief Kent Hulett appointed Lenny Sanders to the position of Assistant Fire Chief at last night's city council meeting.  Sanders comes to Fort Dodge from West Burlington and is also a critical care paramedic, meaning he has additional skills above other paramedics.  Sanders will start his new position on January 5th.  Sanders appointment sets a precedent for the

City Council Addresses Sewer Initiative

The City Council also took steps last night to fund the design and planning of of the continued sewer repair project.  The first reading of a resolution to secure a loan in the amount of up to $2.3 million was passed unanimously by the council.  In all the city of Fort Dodge is undertaking $30 million of sewer repairs.  The council also had the third and final consideration

Tama Man on Trial in Murder of Parents

A 26 year old man accused of killing his parents is on trial this week.  Gordon Lasley Jr. is accused of killing his parents in February with a machete at their home on the Meskwaki Nation Settlement near Tama.  According to Cedar Rapids television station KGAN, Lasley's attorneys are using the insanity defense.  Lasley has a history of violent behavior prior to the

Fort Dodge Woman Charged in Senior High Incident

A 38 year old Fort Dodge woman made her initial appearance in magistrate court Friday morning on assault charges.  The charges stem from an incident Thursday morning at senior high when Wanda Mosely and a 16 year old juvenile allegedly entered the school and became involved in an altercation with two other juveniles over personal matters.  Mosely and the 16 year old then fled the scene

Webster City Police Make Drug Arrest

Webster City Police have made an arrest in a drugs by mail investigation.  According to a press release, the United States Postal Inspection Service in Des Moines began an investigation into a suspicious package addressed to a home in Webster City.  They obtained a search warrant and discovered approximately four pounds of marijuana in the package, with a street value of

Special Election for District Four

A special election has been set for Iowa District 4 to replace Dwayne Alons who recently passed away.  The special election has been set for January 6th of 2015.  Representation Alons served District 4 since 1998.  He announced a battle with cancer in November and passed away November 30th.  Voters can see a candidate list and filing information on the secretary of stats

6th Annual Coats for Kids is Saturday

The annual Coats for Kids for Kids coat drive is this Saturday at Community Health Center in Fort Dodge.  Director Heather Taylor says this is their sixth year doing coats for kids and that need increases every year: . Coats for kids is for anyone in the community that cannot afford warm, winter clothing.  The drive was started by Shana Flatgard: .  Anything that isn't handed

Fort Dodge Man Charged with Credit Card Fraud

A 54 year old Fort Dodge man was charged with four counts of forgery, and four counts of credit card fraud during an initial appearance in Magistrate Court yesterday morning.  Delmar Eugene Delp was charged with eight aggravated misdemeanors stemming from incidents in late September and early October at area businesses.  Delp is accused of using a credit card that was not his to make

Fort Dodge Police Investigate School Assault

Fort Dodge police responded to an incident that caused Senior High to go on a brief lockdown yesterday morning.  According to police, 38 year old Wanda Mosely and a 16 year old juvenile entered the school and got into a physical altercation with two juvenile females over personal matters.  A teacher was assaulted in the process of the altercation. The suspects fled the scene and the

Regents Freeze Tuition for Third Straight Year

The Iowa Board of Regents met Wednesday to discuss tuition at Iowa's three public universities.  For the third year in a row, the regents froze tuition for undergraduate students, a move that affects approximately 40,000 students.  This sets tuition at just over $6,000 at UNI, Iowa, and Iowa State  The board chose to raise tuition 1.75 percent for out of state, graduate,

Air Choice One Announces Prices and Schedules

Air Choice One recently announced it's schedule and fees for flights to and from Fort Dodge.  Flights will begin February 23rd from Fort Dodge to St. Louis, MO.  Introductory fares, which apply if tickets are booked between February 23rd and May 31st are just $49 per flight, which is non-refundable or $69 per flight which would be refundable.  Starting June 1st, 2015,

Fort Dodge Woman Held on Drug Charges

A Fort Dodge woman was held on $100,000 bond after an initial appearance in magistrate court this morning on drug charges.  Tracy Jo Hedeen is charged with delivery of a schedule II controlled substance, in an incident from August.  Hedeen allegedly sold meth to an undercover police officer, which is a class D felony.  If convicted, she faces up to 25 years in prison.  Her

Women Charged with Credit Card Fraud

Two women were charged this morning during their initial appearance in magistrate court with credit card fraud.  Kylene Rabourne was charged with two counts of credit card fraud, a class D felony and two counts of forgery, an aggravated misdemeanor.  Rabourne allegedly used a credit card that was not hers at the Sears Store multiple times in October.  If convicted on all four

Court Rooms to be Remodeled

The Fort Dodge County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday and approved plans for remodeling court rooms at the Law Enforcement Center.  The plans include adding monitors for attorneys to be able to see their clients who are in jail, as well for the judge and inmates to see each other.  Mark Campbell pointed out the need to increase and improve the IT capabilities of each court room; county

Tuition Freeze and Increase Discussed Today

The Iowa Board of Regents will meet today to discuss tuition at Iowa's three public universities.  The regents are expected to adopt a third tuition freeze for undergraduate students, a move that would affect approximately 40,000 students.  The board has been studying the issue since October.  Another measure the board has been considering is a 1.75 tuition increase for out of

Storm Lake Man Arrested on Burglary Charges

Storm Lake Police have made an arrest following a series of recent burglaries.  According to police, Charles Feliciano, 17, was allegedly involved in a burglary in the 1000 block of Witter St. on November 22nd.  After locating Feliciano at his residence, police secured a search warrant and seized several pieces of evidence.  Police also seized multiple bags of marijuana packaged

Pipeline Company Holds Town Meetings

The first of several town hall meetings over a proposed pipeline was held Monday in Fort Madison.  Supporters and opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would run from North Dakota to Illinois were able to speak at the public hearing.  The Iowa Utilities Board, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, and Energy Transfer Partners were all present Monday to discuss

Pleasant Hill Teens Remain Held For Now

Three Pleasant Hill teenagers charged with making threats against Southeast Polk schools and police officers in Pleasant Hill had a detention hearing on Monday. 16 year old Aaron Carroll is charged with threats of terrorism, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, and first degree harassment.  16 year old Bryce Matthias is charged with two counts of intimidation with a dangerous weapon, two

Pleasant Hill Man Gets Arraignment Date

A 32 year old Pleasant Hill man who is charged with two counts of attempted murder and numerous other charges will be back in court next month.  Pete Polson is accused of going on a 12 minute shooting spree in November in Pleasant Hill.  The shooting spree followed a series of threats posted to the social media app Yik Yak.  Police said the two incidents are not connected. 

Escaped Inmate Sought in Burlington

The Iowa Department of Corrections is searching for an escaped inmate in Burlington.  27 year old Kenneth Bowman was sentenced in 2011 to ten years in prison for intimidation with a  dangerous weapon.  The department of Corrections did not say when or how Bowman escaped from custody.  Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the Des Moines County

Matt Shultz Prepares to Leave Office

Current Secretary of State Matt Schultz will be leaving office at the end of the year to serve as the Madison County Attorney.  Schultz has served as Secretary of State for the last 4 years.  His time in office has been marked by controversy over voting registration laws.  During his time in office, Schultz worked to increase access to voting for active members of the military in

Fort Dodge Landlord Sentenced to Federal Prison

A Fort Dodge woman charged with wire fraud has been sentenced.  67 year old Shirley Wiemer was sentenced in a fraud cause from earlier in 2014.  Weimer allegedly hired a tenant to whom she was renting to burn down a rental unit.  Lisa Young and two other accomplices allegedly burned down a unit, for which Weimer allegedly collected $78,593 in insurance payments.  Weimer

Open Enrollment Period Now Open (Part 3)

The open enrollment period for healthcare is now open.  Sherry Carlson, from Community Health Center in Fort Dodge, offers tips on applying for healthcare: if you think you will qualify for a subsidy, you should enroll through health care dot gov.  Once you've entered your financial information, you will be given a decision on whether or not you qualify.  If you may qualify for

Open Enrollment Period Now Open (Part 2)

Brenda Ekard is an insurance agent with Kingsgate Insurance in Fort Dodge.  She understands that people are confused with the re-enrollment process.  One thing that confuses people is whether or not they can keep an old plan not purchased on the healthcare exchange market:

Open Enrollment Period Now Open (Part 1)

The open enrollment period for the affordable care act runs through February  15th, 2015.   Navigating the enrollment process can be confusing.  Sherry  Carlson, from Community Health Center in Fort Dodge, helps patients navigate the  confusing landscape of the affordable care act.  According to Carlson, there are  two levels of care: state and

Local Rodeo Competitors Set for Nationals

Three local rodeo competitors are set to compete in the Wrangler National Final Rodeo.  According to a press release from The Western Edge, Cole Edge of Humboldt, Wade Sundell of Boxholm, Kollin VonAhn of Sac City have earned a spot in what the Western Edge calls "The NFL of rodeo."    VonAhn has been doing rodeo since high school and has won a world championship at

Fort Dodge Man Sentenced

An 18 year old Fort Dodge man was sentenced to five years in prison for a drive-by shooting.  Xavier Rhone plead guilty to going armed with intent earlier this year, after firing two shots from a .22 caliber revolver in August.  No one was injured in the shooting.  The guilty plea was part of a plea deal that dropped several other charges.  Judge Kurt Wilke indicated he

Batavia Man Arrested and Charged

A 28 year old Batavia man has been charged in an incident from Sunday.  Tyler Lind allegedly led police on a chase through Jefferson County Sunday night, fleeing the scene after crashing his truck. Lind was apprehended on Monday and initially charged with eluding and illegal manner of conveyance of a firearm.  On Tuesday, he was further charged with 1st degree arson, a class B felony,

Fort Dodge to Become Homebase City

Homebase Iowa is an effort to bring veterans to Iowa counties as they transition to civilian life.  Dan Lewandowski explains [Dan1].  Cliff Weldon says that the main goal is bring the soldiers back to Iowa and place them into jobs that fit their skills.  [Cliff1]  Veterans returning to civilian work are in need of jobs and housing and Homebase Iowa is designed to help with

Branstad Questioned in Firing

Gov. Branstad will answer questions under oath concerning the handling of a gay former state administrator.  Branstand is accused of demanding the resignation of Chris Godfrey, the former works compensation commissioner in 2011.  When Godfrey refused to step down, Branstad is accused of cutting his pay by $40,000. Godfrey alleges discrimination by the governor, arguing that his job

Bottled Water Advisory in Churdan

Residents of Churdan are under a bottled water advisory.  The State Department of Natural Resources issued the advisory due to a loss of water pressure from a leaky valve, which caused a high level of nitrates in the water.  The valve caused the city to lose pressure for about half an hour Monday. According to officials, boiling water could be unsafe because it concentrates the nitrates

Storm lake Man Arrested on Drug Charges

Storm Lake Police have arrested at 27 year old man on drug charges stemming from an incident Sunday night.  Police made an undercover purchase of methamphetamine from Vithoune Thammavongsa of Worthington, MN.  Following the alleged purchase, police tracked Thammavongsa to the Sail Inn Motel and executed a search warrant.  Police allegedly located and seized methamphetamine packaged

Pleasant Hill Releases Names of Suspects

Pleasant Hill Police have released the names of the students charged with making threats on the social media app Yik-Yak.  16 year old Aaron Carroll was charged with intimidation with a dangerous weapon, a class C felony, threats of terrorism, a class D felony, and harassment 1st degree, an aggravated misdemeanor.  Bryce Matthias, 16, was charged with two counts of intimidation with a

Authorities Seek Public's Help Finding Suspect

Jefferson County authorities are asking residents to be on the lookout for an armed man.  26 year old Tyler Lind was involved in a police chase early Sunday morning.  When Lind crashed his truck, he allegedly pulled a gun on a deputy and fired shots.  Lind fled the scene around 190th St. and Ash Avenue hear Batavia.  Police describe Lind as 5 feet 8 inches, with hazel eyes and

Group Opposes Rock Island Clean Line

A proposed energy transmission line from Rock Island Clean Line is meeting opposition from landowners.  Rock Island Clean Line is proposing to build 500 miles of transmission line to carry electricity from wind turbines in Northwest Iowa to Illinois.  In order to do this, RICL must get land from farmers along the route.  The route would start in O'Brien County and run southeast

Five Dead in Weekend Crash

An accident near Sloan, Iowa over the weekend killed five people on Highway 141.  According to a crash report from the Iowa State Patrol, a vehicle driven by 53 year old Shishay Gidey of Sioux City, Iowa was traveling westbound on highway 141 when it went onto the north shoulder and lost control.  The vehicle then slid back into the eastbound lane and was broadsided by a vehicle driven

Marijuana Seized in Dubuque

Authorities in Dubuque seized almost nine pounds of marijuana over the weekend.  According to the Dubuque County Sheriff's office, a vehicle from North Dakota was stopped for an equipment violation on highway 151 Saturday afternoon.  Officers then discovered almost nine pounds of marijuana and arrested a Colorado man.  He is charged with drug possession with the intent to

Southeast Polk Students Charged

Three students from Southeast Polk Schools have been charged in threats made on the social media app Yik-Yak.  Pleasant Hill police held a press conference Friday afternoon and announced the charges.  Suspect #1 is 16 years old and has been charged with intimidation with a dangerous weapon, a class C felony, threats of terrorism, a class D felony, and harassment 1st degree, which is an

Iowa Central Suspects Remain Held

Four suspects in an Iowa Central Community College robbery will be arraigned in district court December 1st.  Garhoth Dak, Juma Deng, Molong Deng, and Joseph Odir are all charged in an incident on the Iowa Central campus last week.  All four allegedly committed an armed robbery on the Iowa Central campus on November 10th.  That incident caused the campus to go on lockdown for

Unemployment Rate Drops

The unemployment rate in Iowa dropped slightly to 4.5 percent. in October according to figures recently released by Iowa Workforce Development.  Iowa Workforce says that Iowa's labor force is at an all-time high of 1.7 million workers.  The Iowa October rate compared to 4.4 percent in October of 2013.  The national unemployment rate for October was 5.8 percent.

Penitentiary Delayed

John Baldwin, director of the Iowa Department of Corrections, doesn't know when a new Iowa Penitentiary will open.  Construction is underway on the new prison in Fort Madison, but there have been construction delays.  Most recently, issues with the smoke detection system are being worked out.  Baldwin is asking Gov. Branstad for nearly $379 million in the next budget cycle,

Cherokee Man Pleads Not Guilty to Charges

A 35 year old Cherokee man has pleaded not guilty to charges related to a stand off with police.  Josh Allender entered a written plea Wednesday in Cherokee County District Court.  He faces charges of attempted murder, possession of a firearm or offensive weapon by a domestic violence offender, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, assault while participating in a felony, and assault on

Branstad Working on 2015 Budget

Gov. Branstad is set to begin budget hearings this week.  Branstad is preparing his 2015 budget and will present to the Legislature in early 2015.  Department of Management Director David Roederer says that Branstad must be caution, because revenue growth has slowed, in part because of falling corn and soybean prices.  The stats general fund budget currently includes nearly $7

President Obama Talks Immigration Reform

President Obama addressed the nation on Thursday night on immigration reform.  The President indicated that he would act without Congress by using executive orders to keep 5 million immigrants from being deported.  Part of the plan is to focus on deporting gang members, felons, and suspected terrorists rather than law-abiding families.  Obama explained that anyone who qualifies

Madison County Sherrif Investigates Possible Link to Pleasant Hill Shootings

The Madison County Sheriff is looking into a possible link between a stolen truck and weapon case from last weekend and the recent shootings in Pleasant Hill on Monday. According to KCCI, a truck was stolen last weekend in Earlham Iowa and when recovered in Clarke County, a gun was missing.  Investigators in both cases are currently comparing serial numbers to see if the missing gun was used

Southeast Polk Students Arrested

School officials at Southeast Polk High School report that police have caught two students allegedly responsible for the threatening messages posted to the social media app Yik-Yak.  The students will make their initial appearance today.  In  a notice posted on the school website, school superintendent Craig Menozzi said that security will remain heightened through the school

Officials Release Names of Shooting Victims

Officials have released the names of the victims in Monday's shooting spree in Pleasant Hill.  Officials report that Zachary Whitehill and Mark Mitchell were injured.  Matthew Stephenson was not shot or injured during the shootings.  Mark Mitchell is a civilian employee of the Iowa Department of Public Safety.  Officials do not believe that the victim's place of

Pharmacy Board Will Decide on Marijuana in January

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy will wait until January to consider a recommendation to change state law regarding marijuana.  At a board meeting on Wednesday, members recommended a change to current law, where marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no medical use.  It is also classified as a Schedule II drug, which means it has medicinal value.  In 2010, the board

Iowa Man Arrested at White House

An Iowa man was arrested outside the White House Wednesday, armed with a hunting rifle and dozens of rounds of ammunition.  The Secret Service reports R.J. Kapheim, 41, of Davenport approached uniformed officers and said someone in Iowa told him to drive to the White House.  He showed them to his car and allowed officers to search the vehicle.  Inside, officers found the rifle and

Bryson Reaches Plea Deal

An 18 year old Fort Dodge man has reached a plea deal in an attempted murder case.  Jerique Bryson, of Fort Dodge, accepted the plea deal on Tuesday.  Webster County Attorney Jennifer Benson said that, in the deal, Bryson plead guilty to 2 Class D Felonies, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison, and 1 aggravated misdemeanor, which carries a maximum sentence of 2

Tuition Freeze Discussed

A proposal to freeze tuition for all students at the states three public universities could cost the state $14.5 million.  The Iowa Board of Regents is set to meet December 3rd to set tuition rates and members have indicated that while they would support a free for in-state undergraduate students, at a cost of $4.5 million, they say extended that freeze to graduate and out-of-state

Father of Des Moines Shooter

Hours after a Pleasant Hill man was arrested for a 12 minute shooting spree, his father was arrested on drug charges.  Pete Polson Jr. is facing several charges, including attempted murder while his father now faces charges of possession with intent to deliver and conspiracy to deliver.  Pete Polson Jr. remains held in the Polk County Jail on $840,000 cash bond.  Pete Polson

Keystone XL Pipeline Fails in Senate

A controversial pipeline bill failed in the US Senate Tuesday by just one vote.  The Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport oil from Canada to refineries in Illinois and Texas.  The pipeline faces criticism from members of Congress and voters alike because of health and environmental concerns.  In January, a Republican Congress will be sworn in and the pipeline faces better

Syngenta Faces Lawsuits

Agrochemical giant Syngenta is facing several lawsuits regarding the sale of a genetically modified corn seed.  The seed in question, agrisure viptera, is altered to kill corn-eating bugs and is approved by the US. It was marketed to US farmers in 2011.  China, which is a major corn market that refuses to buy genetically modified crops that it hasn't tested, did not agree to

Fort Dodge Police Investigate Death

According to a press release, the Fort Dodge Police Department are investing a death.  Officers responded to 1900 5th Ave South at approximately 1:07 pm Monday afternoon in response to an unresponsive individual.  They found 52 year old David Peck unresponsive and he was declared dead at the scene by Webster County Medical Examiner Dr. Dan Cole.  Officials do not believe that foul

Slauson Plea Deal Released

The details of a plea deal have been in released in the case of Leatha Slauson.  Slauson is accused of faking her daughter's cancer diagnosis and taking money from her community to pay for treatment.  Slauson reached a deal with prosecutors in which she pled guilty to five of the twenty five counts she was facing.  Slauson pled guilty to two counts of child endangerment,

Middle School Students Attend Engineering Day at ISU

Fort Dodge Middle School Students will be heading to Ames Tuesday to take part in Middle School Engineering Day at Iowa State University.  Instructor Nicole Ahrens says the students will participate in lectures and demonstrations during the day [What the Kids Will Be Doing].  The purpose of the event, Ahrens said, is to get students interested in STEM: science, engineering, and

Collision Kills One in Clay County

A head on collision near Spencer, Iowa, on Saturday killed one person and sent another to the hospital.  According to the Iowa State Patrol, 64 year old Dollene Kinnetz of Hartley, was killed in the crash.  49 year old Carolyn Alger of Spencer, was transported to the Spencer Hospital.  The accident remains under investigation.

Blowing Snow Forecast for Monday

Fort Dodge received 3.5 inches of snow on Saturday, in the first major snowfall of the season.  Winds on Monday are forecast to gust out of the Northwest at up to 30 mph, sending wind chills into the double digits below zero.  A winter weather advisory has been issued for the northern counties in Iowa, including Humboldt and Kossuth, for blowing snow, which could limit visibilites on

National Guard May Deploy to West Africa

The Iowa National Guard may deploy approximately 80 members of the 294th Area Support Medical Company to West Africa to assist in the Ebola outbreak.  If deployed, the Guard members would provide medical support to Defense Department personnel for six months to one year.  The guard would not be treating residents of West Africa.  Ebola has killed more than 5,000 people in West

Police Investigate Threat in Pleasant Hill

 KCCI reports that police in Pleasant Hill will be stepping up security at Southeast Polk High School today.  A threat was made via the social media app Yik-Yak that there would be a shooting at the high school.  Police have been unable to track down the message, but are using caution and therefore increasing officer presence at the school.  Earlier this month, a Drake

Gales to Play TItle Game

The St. Edmond Gaels will play for a title spot today at the UNI Dome.  They will take on West Lyon in a game starting at 1:06PM.  This is the second trip to the dome for the Gaels, who first went to state in 2013, when they made it to the state finals.  Today's game can be heard live on Sunny 99.7.

Kossuth County Couple Killed in Crash

A Kossuth county couple was killed in an accident late yesterday afternoon.  88 year old Edward Foertsch and his wife, 84 year old Agnes Foertsch of Algona were killed when the minivan they were riding in ran a stop sign and was hit by a truck driven by 42 year old Brooke Strom of Wells, Minnesota.  The impact sent the minivan into the path of a semi driven by 60 year old Terry Alt of

Eagle Grove Man Charged with Child Endangerment

According to a press release, an Eagle Grove man has been charged with Child Endangerment.  In February of 2014, 30 year old Jordan Olson allegedly assaulted a young boy.  Eagle Grove police enlisted he help of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation to assist them in the investigation of the case. Charges were filed on November 6th and a warrant issued for Olson's arrest. 

Snow to Impact State on Saturday

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory Saturday from 9am to midnight.  A low pressure system is expected to bring wide-spread snow to the state today.  Snow will start in the western part of the state by sunrise and spread eastward, bringing snow to the Fort Dodge area by midday.  Forecasts call for 2-4 inches of snow, with possible local amounts up to 5

State Fire Marshall Issues Heating Guidelines

The State Fire Marshall has issued safe heating guidelines for families.  The fire Marshall says to keep flammable materials three feet away from any heating equipment, such as a fire place or furnace.  Ovens should not be used for heating and you should always have a qualified professional install any heating equipment in your home.  Make sure chimneys are inspected and cleaned

Parking Ordinance Information

The City of Fort Dodge reminds residents that when snow reaches two inches or more, parking is prohibited on all emergency snow routes.  Snow routes are designated with a sign posted on each block.  The parking prohibition will be in place for 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling.  Parking notices will be issued on the city Facebook page and website.


Slauson Will Not Stand Trial

An Iowa mother accused of lying about her daughter's cancer diagnosis will not stand trial.  30-year-old Leatha Slauson accepted a plea deal the details of which will be released on Monday.  Slauson is accused of telling her community that her 5-year-old daughter had terminal cancer and collecting money for treatment.  Slauson had previously pleaded not guilty to several

First Major Snowfall to Impact Iowa Saturday

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory starting Saturday at 9am, expiring Saturday evening at 9pm.  A low pressure system will move into the state late tonight and is expected to bring wide-spread snow to the state on Saturday.  Snow will start in the western part of the state in the morning and spread eastward, bringing snow to the Fort Dodge area by

Iowa Atheist Groups Sponsor BIllboards

Two Iowa groups are sponsoring billboards in the Davenport and Des Moines areas to reach out to atheists, agnostics, and nontheistic people. According to Rory Moe, head of the Central Iowa Coalition of Reason, the Coalition was formed to bring together groups scattered throughout the state.  The billboards were paid for with a $10,00 grant from the United Coalition of Reason based in

Iowa Central Suspects Held on Bond

The four suspects in an alleged armed robbery Monday at Iowa Central Community College made their initial appearance in magistrate court today.  18 year old Garhoth Dak is charged with 2nd degree Robbery, which is a class C felony.  If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison.  The case was forward to district court and he was ordered held on $10,000 cash

Former Senator Fails Third Drug Test

Former Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson recently failed his third drug test .  Sorenson pleaded guilty in August to concealing payments he received to work for Michele Bachmann's 2012 presidential campaign, as well as a check and other payments from Ron Paul's campaign.  He is on probation while he awaits sentencing on the charges. Sorenson failed two other drug tests, one on

Pipeline Would Create Jobs and Revenue

A proposed pipeline that would cut across much of Iowa would provide $1.1 billion to the state during its two years of construction, according to the Des Moines Register.  Strategic Economics Group for Energy Transfer Partners wants to build an 1100 mile underground pipeline across Iowa and three other states.  The pipeline would carry up to 570,000 barrels of crude oil daily from

Eastern Iowa Airport Server Breached

A data breach at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids may compromise credit card information for customers who paid to park at the airport.  Customers who paid to park between September 29th and October 29th should closely monitor their credit and debit accounts.  Airport officials have taken steps to isolate the server and stop any further problems.  No other servers were

Union Asks for Ruling to be Overturned

The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees is asking a court to overturn a ruling that bans state workers from wearing pins critical of Gov. Terry Branstad.  The Public Employment Relations Board ruled in October that pins worn by employees at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center represent 'special circumstance' that interfere with prison decorum. 

Suspects in Iowa Central Incident Charged

The four suspects in an alleged armed robbery Monday at Iowa Central Community College made their initial appearance in magistrate court today.  18 year old Garhoth Dak is charged with 2nd degree Robbery, which is a class C felony.  If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison.  The case was forward to district court and he was ordered held on $10,000 cash

Four in Custody Following Iowa Central Incident

Fort Dodge Police have arrested four male subjects in relation to an incident at the Iowa Central Community College campus yesterday afternoon.  20 year old Joseph Odir, 22 year old Molong Deng, both of Des Moines, and 21 year old Juma Deng of Urbandale, are currently in custody.  18 year old Garhoth Dak, of Storm Lake, turned himself into police Tuesday night.  The subjects will

Sewer Rates Increase Advances

The Fort Dodge City Council advanced a rate increase Monday night dealing with a community sewer initiave.  A recent study discovered over $80 million in repairs that were needed to the city's sanitary sewer.  It was recommended that the city start by repairing $30 million of sewer. Raising sewer rates over a three year period would help pay for a loan being used to finance

Data Breach Affects Airport Customers

A data breach at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids may compromise credit card information for customers who paid to park at the airport.  Customers who paid to park between September 29th and October 29th should closely monitor their credit and debit accounts.  Airport officials have taken steps to isolate the server and stop any further problems.  No other servers were

Neunaber Trial delayed

The trial of a Northwest Iowa man accused of killing his mother has been delayed.  44-year-old Jonathan Neunaber plead not guilty to first-degree murder in connection to the July slaying of his mother Esther.  The bodies of Esther and her husband Donald were found in their Akron home on July 9th.  Nenuaber was set to stand trial starting December 9th.  A new trial date has not

Pharmcy Owner Pleads Guilty to Felony Drug Charges

The Des Moines Register reports that a Des Moines pharmacy owner has had a misdemeanor drug charge dismissed.  Mark Graziano was charged with illegally selling painkillers.  A Polk County District Court Judge dismissed the misdemeanor charge on Monday.  Last Thursday, Graziano pleaded guilty to two federal felony counts of drug conspiracy and tax evasion after admitting to

Union Asks for Ruling to be Overturned

The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees is asking a court to overturn a ruling that bans state workers from wearing pins critical of Gov. Terry Branstad.  The Public Employment Relations Board ruled in October that pins worn by employees at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center represent 'special circumstance' that interfere with prison decorum. 

Two in Custody After Incident at Iowa Central Community College Monday Night

According to Lt. Chuck Guthrie, the Fort Dodge Police have made two arrests in connection with the incident at Iowa Central last night. More information will be available after the subjects make their initial appearance in magistrate court this morning.

Fort Dodge Police Investigate Gunman on Iowa Central Campus

Fort Dodge Police were called to the Iowa Central Community College campus at approximately 3:30 yesterday afternoon.  According to a press release, a female  student reported a group of males had entered her dorm room and pointed a gun at her and the others and then left the area.  The school went into  lockdown while the investigation was conducted.  At approximately

Upper Des Moines Taking Applications for Heating Assistance

Upper Des Moines Opportunity is accepting applications for the 2014-2015 energy assistance programs.  Residents who struggle to pay their heating costs can apply for the program, which is designed to give assistance with heating bills.  The program looks at several factors, including household size and income as well as the type of home and type of heating fuel.  If people are

Slauson Trial Moved to Mills County

The trial for a 30 year old mother accused of lying about her daughter's cancer diagnosis will be moved to another county.  Leatha Slauson's attorney had filed the motion due to extensive media coverage and gossip among residents, which would prevent her getting a fair trial in Cass county.  Slauson is accused of lying about her daughter having terminal cancer and collecting

AFSCME Asks For Raises Over Two Years

Contract negotiations began on Monday for AFSCME Council 61, the largest union representing state employees.  President Danny Homan is asking for repeated 2 percent raises over the next two years.  The Iowa Department of Management says the raises would cost the state an extra $523 million over two years.  The last time union workers got raises was in the 2011 and 2012 fiscal

Dahl's Foods Applies for Bankruptcy

According to a press release, Dahl's foods has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The grocery store chain, based out of Des Moines, had previously closed stores in Ames and Ankeny and told former workers not to expect retirement payments.  In a statement, the company said that they have sold their assets to Associated Wholesale Grocers, based in Kansas City.  Stores will remain

Police Investigate Alleged Gunman At Iowa Central Community College

According to scanner traffic, police were called to Iowa Central Community College at approximately 3:30pm this afternoon.  The campus then went into lock down and canceled evening classes.  Police were on the scene most of the afternoon.  The all-clear was sounded at approximately 6:50pm this evening.  More information will be available in the morning, according to Fort Dodge

Fort Dodge Man Injured at OHV Park

A 30 year old Fort Dodge man was injured in an accident at the OHV park this weekend.  Mitchell Frank was assisting a rider on the back jump at the park when another rider struck Frank in the head with a motorcycle.  Frank was transported to Unity Point-Trinity Regional Medical Center and then airlifted to Iowa Methodist Medical Center with a head injury.

Former Superintendent Fights Charges

A former Shenandoah School District Superintendent charged with fraud has hired a layer to fight the allegations made against him following a district investigation. Jeff Hiser was fired earlier this month.  Hiser is alleged to have submitted fraudulent reimbursements for expenses, violated district policies and obstructed the board's investigation.

Lead Dust Discovered in State Building

The Des Moines Register Reports that the Wallace State Office Building in Des Moines has been tested for lead dust.  The tests have revealed that the first two levels of the building are contaminated with the dust.  The building houses 495 state employees.  According to testing, the highest levels were in an indoor shooting range on the second floor.  State officials do not

WInter Arriving in Iowa Early

Winter temperatures are arriving in Iowa two weeks ahead of schedule.  The Arctic blast, coming in from Canada, is set to send daily highs into the 20s and 30s and overnight lows into the teens.  Areas of Minnesota could see up to a foot of snow and far northern Iowa could see a light mix and light snow accumulations. Winds will switch to the NW gusting up to 30 mph.  Areas of

Gaels Headed Back to UNI Dome

The St. Edmond Gaels are headed back to the dome after defeating South Central Calhoun 35-13 on Friday night at Dodger Stadium.  The Gaels are currently ranked third in class 1A and will take on Central Lyon next Saturday in their first game. Teams from Waukee, Newell-Fonda, Dowling Catholic, and Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn also earned trips to the dome after defeating their

Branstad to Consider Raising Fuel Tax

Gov. Terry Branstad says providing more funding to fix Iowa's crumbling roads is a top priority and that he is keeping an open mind to all options, including raising the state's fuel tax. Branstad said in an interview Thursday that he wants to get input from lawmakers in advance of the next legislative session, with hopes of reaching bipartisan consensus. Branstad did not back any

Iowa Teen Charged in Death of Foster Brother

An Iowa teenager charged in the death of his foster brother has been found not guilty by reason of insanity. A Harrison County District Judge issued the ruling Friday in the bench trial of Cody Metzker-Madsen, who was charged with first-degree murder in the August 2013 death of Dominic Elkins. Authorities say Metzker-Madsen killed Dominic while the two played outside of their home in western

Air Choice One to Serve Fort Dodge

Air Choice One has announced that commercial air service to Fort Dodge will begin in early 2015. CEO Shane Storz says that February 23, 2015 will be the official starting date for service. More information will be released in the following weeks, including Air Choice One's fare structure and flight schedule from Fort Dodge to St Louis.

Casino Ruling Upheld

The Sioux City Journal reports that a Polk County District Court Judge has upheld a ruling in the case of the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City.  Belle of Sioux City, who had operated the Argosy Sioux City Riverboat, had sued the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to reinstate its license and to rescind the new one issued to the Hard Rock developer.  The judge dismissed claims by Belle that

Union to Present Proposal Monday

Iowa Council 61 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, the largest employee union in the state, is set to make an initial contract proposal to Branstad Monday.  The union currently represents 20,000 state employees.  Danny Homan, president of the union declined to say what was in the proposal, but the current contract maintained benefit plans without

Storm Lake Man Charged With Money Laundering

A Storm Lake man has been convicted of making and using counterfeit credit cards. Federal prosecutors say Yoirland Rojas was found guilty on Thursday after a three-day trial in Sioux City. He was convicted of multiple charges including two counts of using a counterfeit access device, one count of money laundering,  and two counts of aggravated identity theft. Prosecutors say Rojas

Ames Middle School DIsables Chat Feature

Administrators at Ames Middle School are disabling some chat functions on students' school-provided laptops after finding some students were abusing the features and not paying attention in class.  School leaders found some students were using the Chromebooks' chatting and video features as a way to bully, harass and send inappropriate messages to each other.  Other students

Residents Voting Early

The Fort Dodge Messenger reports that so far, 5005 absentee ballots have been requested in Webster County.  May residents are taking advantage of early voting this year.  The election is just two weeks away and to accommodate early voting, the Auditors office is open today from 8-5 for voting.  Voters can request absentee ballots until October 31st.  After the 31st,

Carlisle Teacher Faces Drug Charges

The Des Moines Register reports that a long-time Carlisle Middle School teacher and high school coach has been charged with crack cocaine possession, possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.  55-year old Jim Flaws is a social studies teacher at Carlisle Middle School. He's taught for more than 30 years and as varsity girls' softball coach won four state titles. The drugs were

Suspicious Vehicle Spotted

According to a press release, Fort Dodge Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area of 4th street NW on Thursday.  At approximately 630PM, an unknown male made contact with two young children.  According to the report, he offered the children candy.  When approached by the parent, the vehicle drove away.  The man is described as an older white male with white

Investigation into Fatal Crash Underway

A two vehicle collision occurred Thursday evening just outside of Randal on the curves of highway 69 in southern Hamilton County.  According to a press release,  a Ford Fusion driven by 32 year old Joy Niklasen of Alleman, Iowa was eastbound in the southbound lanes of highway 69.  A Ford F150 pickup driven by 32 year old Natasha Johnson of Ellsworth was westbound in the northbound

Two Vehicle Crash in Hamilton County Under Investigation

The Iowa State Patrol State Patrol is investigating a two vehicle crash that occurred Thursday evening.  According to a press release, a vehicle driven by 18 year old Michael Ashman of Stratford was westbound on county road D-20.  Ashman slowed down and attempted make a left turn or u-turn in the driveway of Van Diest Supply.  A second vehicle, driven by 18 year old Evan Wolfgram

Police Seek Missing Fort Dodge Woman

Fort Dodge Police are seeking the public's help with a missing person's case.  35 year old Tina Cooper has not been seen or heard from since August 25th, 2014.  She is described as a white female, approximately 5'7" and 100 pounds.  She has short brown hair and hazel eyes.  No foul play is suspected but the family is concerned for her welfare.  Anyone

Missing Teenager Found

A Rockwell City teenager has been found. Rockwell City police report that, at t approximately 930pm Thursday night, police received a tip as to the whereabouts of Simkins and 20 year old Chance Kinney.  A short time later, law enforcement surrounded the location and made contact with Simkins and Kinney.  Kinney was arrested on an unrelated warrant and Simkins was taken into protective

AFES Reaches Fundraising Goal

A local non-profit group has succeeded in raising the funds necessary to build a new gymnasium.  The Fort Dodge Athletics for Education and Success program raised $370,000 for the new gym and held their ground breaking Thursday evening.  Director Charles Clayton explains that, while the goal has been met, funds are still needed.  The program serves area youth of all ages. 

Prosecution and Defense Rest in Trott Case

Prosecutors and defense attorneys have rested their cases in the trial of a man charged with killing a Rockwell City police officer last year. Both sides rested their cases Thursday in the trial of 33-year-old Corey Trott. Closing arguments will be delivered today. Trott is charged with first-degree murder in the September 2013 death of 37-year-old officer Jamie Buenting. Authorities say Trott

Honor Flight to Depart Saturday

Over 100 local veterans will fly to Washington, D.C. on Saturday as part of the Honor Flight Tour. Saturday's trip will be the ninth tour of the Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight since 2010. The flight allows veterans to tour several sights in Washington, including the World War II, Korean, and Vietnam memorials and Arlington National Cemetery. 102 veterans, including nine World War II and 93

Fort Dodge Police Investigate Home Invasion

According to a press release, Fort Dodge Police are investigating a reported home invasion.  Officers responded to a home on 5th avenue north, where residents reported that between 330 and 4 in the morning on Friday, three black males forced entry into the home and demanded money.  Nothing was taken during the incident.  Four residents of the home sustained injuries and were

Storm Lake Police Investigate Assault

Storm Lake Police are investigating an alleged assault at the Hillshire Brands Plant.  According to a press release, 22 year old Victor Vela allegedly attempted to assault another worker at the plant with a shovel at 1130 Wednesday evening.  The victim sustained an injury to his arm.  Vela was terminated and asked to leave the plant.  Police were called the plant on Thursday

Suspect Identified in Drive-by Shooting Investigation

The Fort Dodge Police Department has released the name of a Fort Dodge man believed to be responsible for gunshots that were reported fired on Monday. Police Chief Tim Carmody says 18 year-old Xavier Rhone is the person believed to be responsible and is currently at large. He is wanted on several warrants for charges including going armed with intent and intimidation with a dangerous weapon. On

Suspect Sought in Home Invasion

According to a press release, Webster County Sheriff's deputies responded to a reported home invasion in Coalville at approximately 12:05pm today.  According to the release, a female resident was home when the suspect entered the residence.  She struggled with and then discharged a firearm at the suspect.  The suspect is described as a bald white male with a stocky build

Ekstrom Pleads Guilty

A Fort Dodge woman has pleaded guilty in connection to the murder of a Fort Dodge man last year. 22 year-old Holly Ekstrom entered guilty pleas on Wednesday to aggravated misdemeanors of accessory after the fact and operating a motor vehicle without owner's consent. Ekstrom said she saw Ronald Dilley kill 22-year-old Steven Fisher with a hatchet in July of 2013. She admitted to driving Dilley

STEP Program in Place for Holiday Weekend

Iowa law enforcement agencies are stepping up their efforts on roadways this Independence Day weekend. The Iowa Department of Transportation says over 250 city, county, and state agencies are participating in a special traffic enforcement program to help keep holiday travelers safe. The STEP projects are funded by the governor's traffic safety bureau, which enables officers to work overtime

Investigation into Mitchellville Mayor Complete

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation has wrapped up their investigation into a complaint against the mayor of Mitchellville. On June 2, the Mitchellville Police Department received a complaint alleging inappropriate conduct with children. The DCI conducted and completed the investigation. Through multiple thorough interviews it was determined that no criminal activity took place. After

Caution Urged with Contractors

In the wake of recent severe weather, local officials are urging citizens to use caution if approached by a door-to-door contractor.  In order to work in Fort Dodge, such contractors must be licensed and registered with the city, which also insures that they are bonded.  Officials urge citizens to use local contractors to repair storm damage and to ask their insurance adjustor to

Fort Dodge Man Charged with Firearm Posession

Fort Dodge Police say a man was arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of at least one firearm. On Friday, officers with the Fort Dodge Police Department and Webster County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant in the 1700 block of 13th Avenue SW and arrested 34 year-old James Michael McCane. Through an ongoing investigation, it was alleged that McCane was in possession of

VEISHA Task Force Votes to Change VEISHA

The future of VEISHA is closer to being decided at Iowa State University.  The task force convened in the wake of riots that brought 2014 VEISHA to an early end recommended Thursday that VEISHA change how it operates.  According to KCCI, task force chairman Thomas Hill acknowledged that heavy work is still ahead for the task force.  The task force will now narrow down their options

Disaster Declaration in Several Counties

Governor Terry Branstad has issued a proclamation of disaster emergency and activated an assistance program for four Iowa counties affected by recent severe weather. Branstad said in a news release Friday that the Iowa Individual Assistance Program has been activated for Cass, Harrison, Montgomery, and Ringgold counties. Pottawattamie County was declared under a disaster emergency on Tuesday and

Household Waste Accepted This Weekend

Residents in eastern Iowa can safely dispose of hazardous household waste this weekend. A mobile household hazardous waste collection event has been set for Saturday at the East Side Recycling Center in Iowa City. The collection, sponsored by the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center, will be held from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., and there is no cost to participate. Residents of Iowa City, Johnson

Webster County Supervisors Approve Construction Contracts

The Webster County Board of Supervisors approved two construction contracts during its business meeting yesterday. The supervisors agreed to a $1.39 million contract with Fort Dodge Asphalt to resurface a portion of Webster County Road D43. The work, to be completed this summer, will be done from the railroad crossing in Callender east to U.S. Highway 169. In addition, the supervisors also

Webster County Health Ready to Help Families

The Webster County Health Department is stepping in to help residents after Planned Parenthood of the Heartland closed in December.  After receiving a $300,000 grant in March, The Webster County Health Department will provide family planning services for area families.  Planned Parenthood closed in December after seeing a decline in the number of people using their facility. 

Des Moines Inmate Captured

Des Moines officers say an escaped inmate has been captured in Warren county. Polk County Sheriff's Lt. Brent Long says that 37-year-old Kenny Bevard escaped around 4:50 p.m. Thursday in Clive while being driven to Adel in Dallas County.  He was last seen at a Guthrie Ave Kum & Go shortly after 11:00pm that night. Just after 3:20pm Friday, official apprehended Bevard, following a tip as

Annual Easter Hunt A Success

In just over 150 seconds, over 500 kids cleared Dodger Stadium of candy.  The Fort Dodge Moose Lodge’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt was a big success this year with more money, prizes and candy.  Kids could pay just 50 cents to participate in the hunt and no one was turned away if they couldn't pay.  Kids lined the football field’s sidelines, waiting for the signal to

Inmate Esacpes Work Release

The Des Moines Register reports that a 24 year old man has been placed on escape status after failing to report back from work release.  Tyler Lampe of Davenport is currently serving a 15 year sentence for intimidation with a dangerous weapon and escape of a felon.  Lampe was transferred to work release earlier this year, after starting his sentence in 2010.  Lampe is white,

Teen Dies Trying to Climb on Train

A Des Moines teen has died after falling from a train.  KCCI TV reports that the teen was allegedly attempting to board a slow-moving freight train early Sunday morning when he fell and was run over.  Witnesses at the scene were taken to the police station for interviews.  Several streets were closed following the accident but those have since reopened.  Authorities are

Microsoft to Build Data Center

State and local officials announced that Microsoft will begin construction on a new data center in West Des Moines. Gov. Terry Branstad announced the project Friday. ``Project Alluvion,'' is expected to total more than $1.1 billion. Branstad said Iowa's central location makes it an attractive location for Microsoft and other companies that have recently opened data centers. Google

Waterloo Woman Pleads Guilty to Killing Former Boyfriend

A Waterloo woman has pleaded guilty in the 2013 stabbing death of her former boyfriend. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports 40-year-old Keisha Magee pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree murder for the death of 28-year-old John Bass on September 29th.

Inmate Charged with Escape from FD Residential Facility

A former Jefferson man was ordered held on $5,000 bond after allegedly escaping from the Fort Dodge Residential Correctional Facility. 22 year-old Matthew Spaulding made his initial appearance in Webster County Magistrate Court on Tuesday on a Class D felony escape from custody as a convicted felon charge. According to criminal complaints, Spaulding left the residential facility on January 10

FD Council Approves 2014-15 Budget

Fort Dodge residents will see a slight decrease in property tax rates in the coming fiscal year. With little discussion, the Fort Dodge City Council approved the budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year, which starts on July 1. The budget calls for spending in the amount of $72.72 million, down from the current year's budget of $75.75 million. City Manager David Fierke said the budget