AM540 KWMT Radio is Iowa’s Heritage station with nearly 50 years of service to the community. AM540 KWMT lives up to its long-time commitment of responsible, informative radio programming. AM540 KWMT entertains you with great Classic Country music, keeps you informed with the area’s best and largest news staff and AM540 KWMT is by far the leading farm station in the state with farm news, information and market reports. AM540 KWMT is involved in all areas for the Red Cross, Humane Society and American Cancer Society..AM540 KWMT leads the way! 

KWMT Request Line: 515-955-7254

AM 540 KWMT Line-up: 
  • Midnight - 5am - Lee Daniels
  • Morning Show 5am-10am: Charlie Harrigan
  • Midday Show 10am-2pm: Duane Murley
  •  “The KWMT-Power Lunch” with Duane Murley 11:30-1pm
  •  Afternoon Show 2pm-6pm: Jeff Iler
  • 6pm-Midnight - Mike Devine
  • 7am-11am Sunday Mornings: Lee Daniels

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KVFD started as the leader in 1939 and is still proving that today. KVFD’s talk radio format keeps the interests of the best generations going. 

KVFD Call In Line: 515-955-1400

AM 1400 KVFD Line up: 

  • 1-5 AM: Coast to Coast AM
  • 5-6 AM: Jim Bohannon's American in the Morning
  • 6-9 AM: Devine's Intervention with Mike Devine
  • 9-10 AM: Problems and Solutions with Cathy Blighe
  • 10-11 AM: Devine's Intervention with Mike Devine
  • 11A-2 PM: Rush Limbaugh
  • 2-5 PM: Glen Beck
  • 5-8 PM: Dave Ramsey
  • 8-11 PM: Dennis Miller
  • 11 PM–1 AM: Jerry Doyle Show

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92.1 The Eagle

92.1 The Eagle hits the airwaves with classic hits, dominating North Central Iowa with the best rock of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even the early 90’s. Listeners will recognize every song and will want to stay tunes even longer to hear their favorites. We team this format with short news and sports updates and what to expect from today’s weather. It’s just what the listener ordered. 

The Eagle Request Line: 955-576-2529

The Eagle line up:
  • 6am to Noon- Natha
  • Noon to 6pm - Jay Thomas
  • 6pm to Midnight - Curt

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Hippie Radio 105.9

The Hippie Radio® format plays a wide variety of music from 1964 - 1973 (and a few years after)!  We've chosen a wider variety than what is normally used on this format as audiences have demanded a broader playlist.  This will help increase TSL levels beyond the normal hisorical TSL oldies stations have experienced.  All the music Hippie Radio® recommends has been tested within the Baby Boomer demo of 45 - 60 years old.

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Mix 94.5

Mix 94.5 plays Today's Best Variety... The Goo Goo Dolls, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Nickelback and Daughtry... 24 hours a day, with a signal that covers North Central Iowa and can be heard over 20 counties. Mix 94.5's community involvement is second to non from broadcasting live from events like Frontier Days, Fall Fest and the Oleson Park "Shell-a-bration" to raising money for the Red Cross, Humane Society and Salvation Army.

Mix 94.5 Request Line: 515-576-0000

Mix 94.5 line up:
  • 6am-Noon: Mix Morning Show with Jane E. Morgan and Jay Thomas
  • Noon-6pm: Natha
  • 6pm-Midnight: Curt
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Iowa's Best Country K97

Among the most popular and oldest formats of radio, country stations have origins dating back to the start of radio in the 20's. Iowa's Best Country K97 concentrates on the top hits of modern country music. KIAQ is located on the center of your FM dial with 100,000 watts of "Iowa's Best Country" power. We have a local news department to keep our listeners informed on all the latest breaking news and the Farm Markets multiple times a day.

K97 Request Line: 515-955-1000

K97 Line up:
  • 6-10am: K97 Morning Show with Darren
  • 10am-2pm: Midday Show with Charlie Harrigan
  • 2-7pm: Afternoon Show with Mike Devine
  • 7-Midnight: The Big Time with Whitney Allen
  • An Iowa Hawkeye Affiliate


Sunny 99.7

Sunny 99.7 is the newest radio station in North Central Iowa. Sunny 99.7 plays hits focused on the 70's and 80's with artist like Bread, James Ingram, Carly Simon, Journey, Linda Ronstadt, Phil Collins and Chicago. Sunny 99.7 will be a nice walk down memory lane.

Sunny 99.7 Request Line: 515-576-7997

 Sunny 99.7 line up:
  • 6am-Noon: Charlie Harrigan
  • Noon-6pm: Darren
  • 6pm-Midnight: Natha

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