Darren Helton


Name: Darren… (Helton is also on my birth certificate)
Job: Operations Manager & Iowa’s Favorite Country K97 Morning Show Host
Favorite Singer / Group: I love all types of music from Classic Country to Classic Rock and every genre in between. Music has so many powerful elements. It speaks to our souls, takes us back to places & events in time & in our memory, and connects us all.
Favorite Actor: Humphrey Bogart (I love the classics)
Favorite Movie: Casablanca & The Maltese Falcon (did I mention I love the classics?)
Hobbies: I have been a martial arts instructor for 30 years teaching Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do. I love to read, actual hard copy books (even ones without lots of pictures). I love sports and I’m a huge, obesessed fan of the Oakland Raiders. Mostly spending time with my family is my favorite hobby and my greatest role in life.
Other Info you may or may not have wanted to know: I’ve been in broadcasting for 18 years now starting right here in Iowa back in 1998. I got my first radio gig when the General Manager of a local radio station came to pick up his daughter who was babysitting my kids. He said to me “Hey Darren you are kind of smart and can talk a little and don’t sound too obnoxious, I’m looking for a host for one of my radio shows. Stop by my office next week and we’ll talk” I thought he was kidding but I did, and the rest, as they say, is the rest. My most memorable moment in radio was being on the air at 8am Tuesday September 11, 2001. None of us will ever forget that day. My favorite memory in radio was when I got to interview Ted Danson and John Ratzenberger (I love the TV shows Cheers and Becker.. did I mention I love the Classics) Currently I love that in 18 years in broadcasting I’ve never had 2 days the same. I am also currently working on my fourth degree. My greatest life experience(s) actually happen every day with my better half and being the father of my wonderful children. They make me better than I actually am in so many facets of life.

Be sure and join every morning form 6-10 for Iowa’s Favorite Morning Show in Iowa’s Favorite Country K97! As I say on my show(s) THANKS FOR TURNING ME ON, BRINGING ME ALONG, AND MAKING ME PART OF YOUR DAY!