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Allegations Of Racism Surface After Local Football Game

Allegations of racism stemming from a local football game surfaced over the weekend. The allegations were made Saturday following the Southeast Valley win Friday over South Central Calhoun. Heather Jondle-Fisher is the mother of a Southeast Valley player who according to her, was one of the targets of racial epithets that allegedly were said by South Central Calhoun  players during the game.

On Saturday Morning she made the allegations public in an online post that said ” Waking up this morning I should have a smile on my face but my heart is broken. I’m so grateful these two boys continued to be strong & stay focused on their game. They were able to use their aggression on the field instead of reacting to negatively. They did not engage in the ignorance that was directed to them. I’m extremely saddened that the opposing team taunted & referred to my child & his friend as the N word throughout the game last night. My husband has always taught our kids how to rise above regardless of how hard that is at times. It has taken me years to understand this. I used to get angry like any other Mom and want my child to stand up for himself. I found out early on that people are waiting for my black son to respond negatively so the actions are justified. As a Mom of black children I’m tired of allowing this to continue. I’m reaching out to all my friends, family, coaches, child’s teammates, referees to speak up and let these children know you stand behind them and will help put a stop to these negative acts. This was a game that my son should have been so proud of but he will ALWAYS REMEMBER it for the wrong reasons. Please wear your heart on your sleeve and be kind. I’m proud of you”.

Local State House Candidate Charles Clayton has interjected himself into the situation as well saying ” I’ve said it before and will say it again! Until the coaches, refs,  and athletic directors stand up, this will continue to happen! Adults have to stand up and do the right thing! Shame on every single one of them for their silence!” Clayton stated later Saturday he had reached out to coaches at Southeast Valley, who told him they had been in contact with coaches from South Central Calhoun and those coaches were looking into what specific players were involved.

Neither Athletic Dept. Officials at South Central Calhoun nor Heather Jondle Fisher have responded to requests for comment on this story as of the time of this report.

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