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Anonymous Woman Helps Save A Life After Weekend Shooting In Des Moines

A weekend shooting in Des Moines resulted in injuries and could have resulted in death, if not for the heroics of an anonymous woman. The shooting occurred early Sunday morning outside of the District Bar & Grill on Court Ave. in Des Moines.

One person that was shot was Grace Reeves, she was shot in the arm. The bullet went through her and exited through her back, it caused one of her lungs to collapse and broke two of her vertebrae. Reeves’ life was saved by a woman who has chosen to remain anonymous. Reeves says, the two had just met each other at the bar shortly before the shooting.

When Reeves was hit by gunfire, the woman dragged her back into the bar and began to help Reeves. She used a short to apply pressure to the wound and get the bleeding to stop. The woman has remained anonymous and Grace Reeves is recovering at a Des Moines Area hospital.

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