Auditor Rob Sand Says The Unvaccinated Costing Everyone Money

State Auditor Rob Sand issued the release below  on Wednesday morning regarding the costs to care for those who haven’t gotten the covid-19 vaccine.

Sand said “Any hospitalization due to a serious illness is difficult for the patient and their families,”  “It’s especially disheartening when the hospitalization is almost entirely preventable.”

The COVID-19 vaccine has been readily available to most eligible adults since May. However, data from
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates as of August 26, 2021 only 51.9% of the
U.S. population is fully vaccinated.
An analysis by the Peterson Center on Healthcare and KFF indicates 98.3% of the 185,000 adults hospitalized with a confirmed case of COVID19 in June and July were unvaccinated. OAt an estimated $20,000 per hospitalization, the cost of preventable hospitalizations among the unvaccinated totaled an estimated $2.3 billion in June and July. That estimate does not include the cost of outpatient treatment or the overall burden placed on the healthcare system.

Sand went on to say “We are all paying for these preventable hospitalizations, whether it be in the form of premiums to private insurers or costs to taxpayer-funded public programs,” said Sand. “Please don’t add to others’ expenses: get the vaccine. Most importantly, it saves lives, but it also saves money.”


(Editorial Notes By Rob Jones) What is not included in any of these figures in the release from Auditor Sand, is how many of the cases were from the delta variant of covid-19?  Studies from non-partisan medical research groups show the current vaccines are much less effective against the delta variant. In fact , one such study concluded that one of the two available vaccines was less than 50% effective against the delta variant and the other vaccine was just over 70% effective against the delta variant. I printed this to provide balance in the matter of this situation and allow for people to make their own decisions regarding this issue. Not to be solely subjected to the figures and statements from an elected official who is a card carrying member of a political party.

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