Bahena-Rivera Found Guilty Of Murder

The verdict has come back in the Cristhian Bahena-Rivera murder trial. The jury found him guilty of 1st degree murder in the death of Mollie Tibbets. The trial began with jury selection on May 17th. The trial concluded in two weeks, which was the time span.

The trial included testimony from Pam Romero who initially interviewed Bahena-Rivera. A DNA Analyst and the State Medical Examiner were expert witnesses in the trial. Also, The former boyfriend of Mollie Tibbets, Dalton jack and his brother were called to testify.

Bahena-Rivera testified in his own defense and said that two armed men in masks killed Tibbets and stuffed her body in his car. He claimed the men were armed and kidnapped him. He said that the men threatened his family, as his explanation for never revealing that information before.

Bahena-Rivera faces a life sentence and is due back in court for sentencing in July.



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