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Charges Will Not Be Filed Against Humboldt Bus Driver After Allegations Stemming From Physical Contact

Formal Charges will not be filed against a bus driver in the Humboldt School District. Last week, Todd Oleson spoke publicly after an incident involving a bus driver and his 5 year old son. Oleson said the video of the incident on the bus showed the driver making unnecessary physical contact with his son and shared a photo of the marks it left.

The Oleson’s live in Webster County and that is where the incident occurred. They reported it to the Webster County Sheriff’s Office. The family pursued charges after they felt the Humboldt School District didn’t take the situation seriously enough.

On Thursday, Webster County Sheriff Luke Fleener issued the following statement on the incident.

“Deputies completed a report from the juvenile’s parents, and then conducted a thorough
investigation, including the collection of bus video, witness statements, and statements from the
parties involved. This matter was then referred to the Webster County Attorney’s Office for an
evaluation of whether the evidence established a criminal offense of Assault that warranted prosecution.

On May 20, 2021, the Webster County Attorney’s Office determined there was not
sufficient evidence to sustain a criminal conviction for Assault beyond a reasonable doubt. The
Webster County Attorney’s Office noted there is no evidence to show the bus driver intended to
cause the juvenile minor pain or injury, or that the bus driver intended to be offensive or
insulting with his contact.”

Todd Oleson declined to comment in reaction to the announcement from The Webster County Sheriff’s Office.

(Below is a photo Todd Oleson released to us showing the marks left on his son after the incident)

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