City Of Fort Dodge Warns Of Home Improvement Scams

The City Of Fort Dodge released a statement Wednesday Afternoon warning residents of possible scams of the home improvement variety. Below is their statement.

On Saturday, July 11, 2020, the City of Fort Dodge experienced a severe thunderstorm that produced golf ball size hail.
As a result, there are numerous contractors in town actively seeking business from citizens. Due to the current COVID-19
pandemic, the City is not issuing any peddler licenses. If you are approached unsolicited at your residence, please
contact Police Non-Emergency at (515) 573-2323 to report the peddler.
In the event you are one of many citizens with storm damage, please consider the following tips when working with a
 Verify with the City of Fort Dodge that the contractor is registered as required by law. Any contractor performing
work on your home should have a license and permit bond on file with the city. Contractors are expected to be
able to provide proof of registration when asked. If you have questions, contact Karen Lawler at
[email protected]
 Consider using a local contractor as opposed to a “storm chaser”.
o How long has the contractor been registered with the State of Iowa? The City of Fort Dodge?
o Can the contractor provide you with local references?
o Will the contractor be available to provide service after work is completed?
 Know who will be performing the work. Will the contractor be self-performing the work or hiring
subcontractors? If hiring subcontractors, can the sub provide proof of Commercial General Liability and Workers’
Compensation coverage?
 Know what you are signing. Do not sign an insurance commit form or contract if a contractor is simply inspecting
for storm damage. When in doubt, ask the contractor to leave the documents behind so you have time to review
without feeling pressured to sign on the spot.
 Do not give contractors copies of your insurance paperwork until you receive written prices.
 Do not make payment until repairs are complete. Contractors should not ask you to put money down to “hold
your spot” for repairs.
 Once you have selected a contractor, insist on a written contract.
o A contract should clearly outline all work to be performed, all associated costs, including materials and
payment schedule.
o Never sign a blank contract or one with blank spaces.
 Before making final payment, request a paid in full invoice, a Mechanic’s lien waiver and warranties for material
and workmanship.

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