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Daughter Of Sheriff Scott Anderson Defends Him In Online Post

Danielle Anderson the daughter of Sheriff Scott Anderson defended her father from recent allegations in an online post Sunday. Sheriff Anderson was arrested on charges of domestic abuse assault and assault on persons in a certain occupation Easter weekend. His current wife Heather posted an online video refuting these allegations a few days after the arrest. Danielle Anderson is the Sheriff’s daughter from his previous marriage and is not the child of Anderson’s current wife. whether she was at the home at the time of the alleged incident was not made clear in her post. Here’s a portion of that post on facebook.

I’m tired of the lies & the monster the media is trying to turn my fathers persona into. I know him better than anyone. I am the only one who lived under the same roof as both of my parents. My father never hit my mom. I had a normal childhood.  He has always helped anyone who asked.  That is the man I know and I love. . My parents divorce was beyond over publicized and blown out of proportion. This would not have happened if we weren’t in a small town nor if he wasnt a public official running for reelection. I thought by remaining silent I was doing the right thing, but i wish i would have stood up for my dad sooner.  My dads wife Heather did post a video to Facebook explaining her side & defending my father.
There’s enough bad in the world at the moment we don’t need to create more.

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