“Dodger Daily” Goes To Weekly Format Starting January 10th

The “Dodger Daily” community events based talk show program that launched on KVFD AM 1400 in August will be moving to a weekly format. The first episode of the weekly format will air at 8 am on KVFD and will air each Friday at 8 AM after that. Rob Jones will remain the host for the talk program. The show will remain a weekly format for the rest of the winter with the idea of going back to a daily offering in the spring. The show primarily focuses on community events and gives a platform to local civic groups and people giving back to the community. Some of the groups Rob has featured on the program include Lotus Community Project, Webster County Public Health, The Lord’s Cupboard, The Gene Giraffe Project, Community Health Center Fort Dodge, Backpack Buddies and more. Rob Jones said of the change ” I wanted to make the change from daily to a weekly format for a few reasons. The 1st of which is just because of everything on my plate, I am the News and Sports Director here, do all the newscasts on the 7 stations here, do play-by-play for all the Fort Dodge sports, host the weekly coaches show, and write a large amount of the articles on our website. Given all those things it was just much easier to change to the weekly format. I also feel that going to a weekly format will help me be able to book the guests of the show better as it gives me more time to do so and it adds more prep time. Then you factor in that most of the show’s content is based on community events which their are less of in the winter, it just made sense to make the change. The  concept of the show is the brain child of our GM Jed Burns and I appreciate him having the foresight to be able to see where I was coming from and agree to this change.” The January 10th episode will air at 8 AM on KVFD AM 1400 and the scheduled guests include Justin Faiferlick of Faiferlick Tae-Kwon-Do regarding their January 11th Women’s Self Defense Seminar, as well as  Trin Lewis and Emily Uhlenkamp from the Webster County Public Health Dept.

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