Driver Runs Through Construction Site In Front Of The Fort Dodge Rec. Tuesday

A mishap in a construction zone led to damage to a vehicle on Tuesday morning. The incident happened directly in front of the Rec. in Fort Dodge. Reportedly an elderly lady driving a white Ford Focus drove the construction site while construction crews tried to get her stopped. Alex Hays is an employee at The Rec and saw the incident take place.

Hays went on to say it was not something she expected to see.

According to Hays, the driver proceeded to drive through the construction site and the vehicle’s bumper was ripped off and was apparently disabled as a result from the damage. Debris and skid marks were left on the new concrete in front of the Rec. building. After the vehicle was disabled construction crews were able to push the vehicle in to the building’s side parking lot. No apparent or reported injuries occurred from the accident.



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