Estherville Woman Arrested After Cutting Police Officer

An Estherville woman was arrested over the weekend after cutting an officer with a knife. Estherville police went to a residence Saturday afternoon to respond to threats made at the residence. 18 year old Grace Hrbek allegedly threatened to burn down the house. An officer had scene her prior to his arrival at the home and went to the area where he had seen her. According to Police the officer found Hrbek in that area with a lighter in her hand and she allegedly threatened to set the grass on fire. She also tried to set her jacket on fire, officers tried to get Hrbek to comply with their directives to relinquish the lighter. Reports says an officer tried taking the lighter and Hrbek then pulled a knife. She cut the officer on his arm and he suffered a laceration. Hrbek was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation before being transported to Emmet County Jail. She is charged with willful injury, assault on a peace officer and going armed with intent. The officer was treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital and was released.

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