FD City Council To Discuss Mask Mandate Monday Night

The Fort Dodge City council will have a busy night Monday Night. The council will have its regularly scheduled meeting, then a workshop to follow on the possible broadband internet utility.  During the meeting the council is set to discuss several topics, but whether to institute a mask mandate will be one of high interest. The possible mask mandate is a response to the recent significant increase in Covid-19 cases. The mandate would not only call for the public to wear a mask but also would make businesses require customers to wear a mask. However, the mandate would not include any sort of criminal consequences for not wearing a mask. The mandate would call for people to wear a mask inside any public place where appropriate social distance can not be maintained. Any outdoor situation where social distance can not be maintained. Also, in any City Of Fort Dodge building. Their are some situations that would be exempt, such as children under age 3, those with certain medical conditions and those participating in sports or exercising. The council meeting is set for 6 PM and will be held virtually on zoom. The public can attend by going to zoom.us and entering webinar ID 816 045 072 and passcode 948411.

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