Fort Dodge City Council Budget Workshop

The Fort Dodge City Council held a budget workshop on Monday night. They reviewed the proposed budget for the next fiscal year for both the Fire and Police departments. Fire Chief Steve Hergenreter spoke to the council as they reviewed the budget for both fire and ambulance services. The proposed budget for fire is 2.7 million and the proposed budget for ambulance services is 1.3 million. There are no major changes expected in the budget for wither of those going forward. Police Chief Roger Porter spoke to the council about the proposed budget for the Fort Dodge Police Dept. Councilmen Neven Conrad and Terry Moehnke expressed that they believe their needs to be more officers added to the force. Moehnke stated Fort Dodge has a widely known reputation for “a large drug issue”. He went onto to add the public perception is that nothing is being done about it. City Manager David Fierke said the estimated cost of adding one patrol officer to each of the four shifts would be around $150,000. Councilman Conrad stated “I am more than willing to spend more tax money to increase the number of officers”.

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