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Fort Dodge Police Reporting Multiple Possible Attempted Incidents Of Child Abduction Or Enticement On Friday

The Fort Dodge Police Dept. released a statement Friday evening regarding multiple incidents of possible abduction or enticement attempts made toward children. The statements says the possible incidents all happened Friday afternoon in the Reynolds Park area of Fort Dodge. Two of the incidents reportedly happened around 3:20 PM and the 3rd happened around 4:30 PM.

The FDPD’s statement says, the 1st incident occurred when a man in a van offered a ride home to kids who were walking from school. The kids went to their home which was close by and reported the incident to adults.

The second incident was reported, after a man described as bald with a beard was driving a small black car and offered different kids a ride. Those kids then went to their home and the vehicle drove off.

The 3rd incident occurred around 4:30 Pm on Friday. When reportedly, a kid on a bike was offered a ride by a man in a blue car. The kid went to their residence nearby.

Police say no physical contact was made in any of the incidents and none of the suspects reportedly exited their vehicles. The statement from the FDPD Friday evening said ” we are unsure if this is a suspect or multiple suspects at this point”.

Police encourage anyone in the Reynolds Park area that has surveillance cameras to review their footage and report anything suspicious. Police are continuing to investigate  these incidents and anyone with info should contact the Fort Dodge Police Dept.

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