Fort Dodge Residents Speak At Biden Campaign Event Wednesday

Two Fort Dodge residents spoke at an event that was organized by Joe Biden’s Campaign. Much of the content of the event focused on the opinions of the speakers on how President Trump has handled the pandemic. Before going into his opinions on the handling of the pandemic, Fort Dodge Fire Lt. Nate Conrad revealed a member of FD Fire Dept has recently tested positive for covid-19.

Conrad then would go on to talk about people not wearing masks.

Conrad then gave his comments on the President not wearing a mask.

Infectious Disease Dr. Megan Srinivas spoke at the event as well and she says that President Trump is putting lives at risk by holding a campaign rally in Des Moines Wednesday Night.

Dr. Srinivas talked about the mixing of political agendas and decisions on public health shouldn’t co-mingle.

After her comments about the mixing of political agendas and public health decision making, Dr. Srinivas gave her thoughts on Joe Biden.

The Biden campaign event was a news conference that was held in Des Moines.




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