Fort Dodge Schools Release Plan For End Of The Year Grades

Orange School bus parked

The Fort Dodge Community School District released a statement Thursday regarding how it would determine end of the academic year grades and credits. Below is that statement.

With school closed through the end of the school year and voluntary continuous learning activities not required or graded, we want to give you an update on how grades and credits for the second semester will be awarded for our high school students.

No letter grades will be given for the second semester.  Students who were passing a class as of our last day in school, which was March 13, will be given a Pass for the class and will receive the credit toward graduation.  Students who were failing a class at the time of the closure will be provided the opportunity to complete credit recovery for the course. At the point the student shows proficiency for the class a Pass will be awarded and credit toward graduation given.  If a student who is failing a class does not complete credit recovery work to the point of proficiency by May 28, the student will be withdrawn from the class, will not receive credit and will need to retake the course.  Teachers will be reaching out directly to students who may want to consider credit recovery.

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