IHSAA Adds 5A Class To High School Football

The IHSAA also announced on Thursday that it is adding 5A class to high school football. The 5A class will include the 36 teams as will the restructured 4A class. 3A, 4A, and 5A are slated to play 9 regular season games in the 2021 season with 16 teams from each class making the playoffs. 8 player, Class A, 1A , and 2A are all slated to play 8 regular season games and have 32 from each class in the playoffs. Fort Dodge will remain in class 4A. The decision was made based on enrollment numbers in 2019-2020 and the 36 schools with the largest enrollment numbers were moved to 5A. Fort Dodge was 38th in enrollment, which would now make it one of the largest schools in 4A. All the opponents Fort Dodge played in 2020 are in the group of the top 36. The decision was made in effort by the IHSAA to create increased parity. The IHSAA says district assignments will be added later.

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