Iowa Farm Bureau President On Senate Hearing Regarding Cattle Markets

On Wednesday, The U.S. Senate Ag Committee met to discuss cattle markets. One of the major issues that is being raised is a lack of transparency in the market. Cattle farmers are getting less for their livestock and consumers are paying higher prices for beef at grocery stores. Inflation on beef has risen and is expected to continue in the short term future.

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation President Craig Hill issued the statement below following the U.S. Senate meeting on the subject.

“Iowa farmers appreciate the leadership of our U.S. Senators, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, for their efforts raising awareness of farmers’ concerns about transparency and pricing in the cattle market and their comments during today’s U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry hearing seeking to establish a fair and transparent marketplace.

Farmers face countless risks and challenges raising the food, fuel and fiber that sustain America, but concerns about equal market access and unfair practices should not be one of them and deserves examination.  Livestock producers’ livelihood depend on providing care for animals and ensuring a healthy and safe product for consumers, and it’s essential they receive equal opportunities when marketing their animals.  Today, many cattle farmers are taking a loss on each animal raised, while grocery store prices continue to rise.  Trust in our food supply chain is essential; and livestock producers deserve a transparent marketplace to have confidence in the system.”

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