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Joint Statement Regarding Racism Allegations From Southeast Valley & South Central Calhoun Administrators

After the allegations of racism surfaced over the weekend that stemmed from Friday’s football game between Southeast Valley and South Central Calhoun, the two schools issued a joint statement. That statement was released Sunday Night to address the allegations. The statement is below.

On Saturday September 26th, after the varsity football game between South Central Calhoun and Southeast Valley both Districts learned via a local Facebook post of derogatory and potentially racial verbal allegations made towards members of the Southeast Valley football players and team by members of the South Central Calhoun players during the contest. 

In the last 48 hours both Districts have been conducting thorough investigations into these allegations that have included interviews with the following entities: IAHSAA referees, coaches, players and parents. In addition, there has been a joint meeting held between District Superintendents, coaches and additional school administrators to further clarify facts and to identify additional roles and continued responsibilities in keeping all of our students, staff, and families safe while at school and/or school events.   

At this time we have identified the following and will continue to investigate during the coming days,


  • Coaches and officials from both teams did not know what was going on during the contest and learned about the behavior after the contest via Facebook.
  • Conversation between players from both teams took place at sporadic times throughout the contest 
  • Any racial slurs and/or additional derogatory remarks made by SCC players are yet to be confirmed with specific names or jersey numbers by officials, coaches, players and parents. 
  • Coaches and school administrators from both teams have taken this very seriously and will address their teams respectively.
  • Student-athletes from both teams have since reached out to one another and to opposing coaches to talk through the situation


This does not mean that this incident is closed and/or will go without consequence as administrators and coaches will address each of their teams respectively while determining the best course of actions in holding their teams accountable. 

We know we have much to learn as we confront racism and injustice every day. As public schools and learning organizations, we commit to listen, understand and take action on behalf of all our students and families of color across our districts and beyond. There is no place in our communities for this behavior and we will continue to embrace our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racist practices to break the cycle of racism and other forms of oppression.  In our South Central Calhoun and Southeast Valley School communities, we all belong.

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