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“Let’s Lawyer Up” Local Attorney Boldly Backs City Council’s Passing Of Mask Mandate

After a meeting that lasted nearly two hours, saw 16 different people make public comments many of them allowed to do so on multiple occasions, The FD City Council passed a mask mandate 5-2. Council members Kim Alstott and Dave Flattery voted against the mandate, because it has no grounds for  enforcement according to City Attorney Mark Crimmins. Councilman Andy Fritz expressed that he opposed the mandate for the same reason, but once it was clear the mandate would pass the council he flipped his vote to approve the mandate. Fritz then tried to sway the votes of Alstott and Flattery so the mandate would pass unanimously but those two stood on their original positions. Of the 16 people who made public comment most of them supported the mandate but a few opposed it. One of those opposing it was Fort Dodge resident Nick Salbon (Spelling could be off he verbally said the last name and that was the best interpretation we could get from the audio). He says the mandate has no legal grounds and prior to it passing said if it was passed he would challenge it in court.

After those comments, local attorney Neven Mulholland boldly responded and offered the services of his law firm at no cost to back the council’s mandate.

The mandate states that a mask must be worn in public when appropriate social distance can’t be maintained and in any indoor public setting when the same distance can’t be maintained as well. City building are also subject to the mask mandate. Outdoor settings where social distancing is not possible and usage pf public transportation are subject to the mandate as well. Exemptions include those exercising or playing sports, those with various medical conditions and children under the age of three. It was clearly stated during the meeting, there’s no penalty or grounds for enforcement of the mandate.

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