Mural Of President Causes Controversy In Boone

A landowner in Boone has decided to make his political views very public. He did just that with a two story tall mural of President Donald Trump. Boone city councilman Terry Mooremom said ” I just thought it was pretty divisive and it has been just that pretty divisive”. Another Boone councilman Elijah Stines said he has gotten calls from residents upset by the mural. The mural is next to the new Boone Greenspace which is a $100,000 project with a bandshell that is intended to be a downtown gathering spot. Councilman Mooremon worries about donations for the project drying up as a result of the mural and said some people have asked if the money donated toward the project would now be refunded. The artist who painted the mural is Carl Mcknight he said ” It’s just a campaign sign, nothing more than a campaign sign. Knight does not buy the argument that the mural of Trump will hurt the bandshell project. The city of Boone does not have a city ordinance against public art, thus the mural will likely stay up until election day.

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