New Information Released Regarding Angela McLeod’s Murder

New information regarding event that transpired prior to the murder of 45 year old Angela McLeod Monday have been released. Prior to Fort Dodge Police arriving around 9:15 AM and finding Ms. McLeod unresponsive at the scene on North 14th St., Police now have released info regarding an incident that took place prior. Around 8 AM Monday Police were dispatched to respond to a call that Ms. Mcleod and 28 year old Mark D. Russell were in an argument and altercation. The Fort Dodge Police say that based on the investigation of the initial call to the scene they could not determine who was at fault or initial aggressor. Officers collected statements from both parties, Police did notice redness around Russell’s neck. That redness was explained as a result of a 3rd party trying to diffuse the situation. The 3rd party witness was unable Police clearly understand who was at fault. Ultimately both Ms. McLeod and Mr. Russell agreed to work through their issues and no request was made by McLeod or the 3rd party to have Russell removed from the property. Officers returned after a 2nd call to find Ms. McLeod had been killed. Police say that Russell is the ex-boyfriend of McLeod’s daughter and that there was no relationship of any type between Ms. McLeod and Russell. Due to the lack of domestic relationship there were no grounds or requirements for a mandatory arrest to have been made. Police say they were unable to determine who was at fault in the initial incident. Based on the lack of domestic relationship, lack of evidence and choice by both parties to work out their issues the Fort Dodge Police Dept. says they had no choice but to let both parties carry on.

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