PETA Calling For Criminal Charges To Be Filed On Prestage Foods

The organization known as PETA is calling on the Wright County Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges against Prestage Foods near Eagle Grove. They also are calling on criminal charges for workers involved in an incident that they claim violated Iowa law and has been cited by the USDA. A letter from PETA to the Wright County Attorney’s Office  says that on July 28th the facility had workers who ignored requests to stun a pig that was still conscious before sending it through a machine that scraped the pig’s hair off while it was still conscious.  That letter says that the actions that took place are in violation of Iowa legal code. PETA’s  letter calls for the matter to be reviewed and prosecuted by the Wright County Attorney’s Office. As of 2 PM Monday Afternoon, PETA said they had not gotten a response from that letter.

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