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Webster County Health Dept. Warns Against Scams

The Webster County Public Health Dept. released the following statement on Tuesday.

COVID-19 vaccinations are free. Recipients should never receive a bill or be charged a co-pay for having been given a COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccination providers are able to charge a $16 fee to insurance companies for administrative costs, however this fee is not passed along to the vaccine recipient. If an individual does not have insurance or does not provide insurance information at a clinic, the fee is also not passed along to the recipient.

If you have received a bill or been charged a co-pay for having received a COVID-19 vaccination, please contact the Webster County Health Department at 515-573-4107. These charges are fraudulent. Unfortunately scammers are attempting to take advantage of individuals by sending out fake billing notices.

This is also an example of why it is important not to post a photo of your vaccination card to social media.

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