Webster County Public Health Releases Covid-19 Update Friday Evening

Webster County Public Health released a covid-19 update Friday Evening. Below is the update.
Webster County Public Health’s cumulative COVID-19 case count increased to 1,009 cases on Friday. Thirty-eight additional cases have been confirmed since Tuesday’s report.
COVID-19 continues to spread throughout our Webster County communities. 648 total cases have been confirmed in our communities by local public health staff since the beginning of the pandemic. 574 of these individuals have met CDC requirements for release and are considered recovered. 74 community cases are currently open.
No new cases have been reported at Fort Dodge Correctional Facility since Tuesday’s report. 361 individuals had tested positive for COVID-19. All 361 individuals met the requirements for recovery. No cases are currently open at FDCF.
The age breakdown for Webster County’s cumulative cases are as follows: 42 children (0-17), 503 adults (18-40), 314 middle aged adults (41-60), 133 older adults (61-80), and 17 elderly (81+).
Residents are reminded to wear a mask if you will be around others that you don’t know their exposure risk and if you aren’t able to maintain social distancing. Also, please stay home if you are awaiting test results, have been exposed to COVID-19, if you aren’t feeling well, or if you aren’t sure if your symptoms are allergy or COVID related.
Webster County Public Health’s COVID hotline continues to be available to residents. Please call 515-227-7153 or email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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