Feenstra Says President Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Pandemic Relief Plan Is ‘Bloated’

From Radio Iowa- 4th District Congressman Randy Feenstra is blasting the process by which President Biden’s one-point-nine trillion dollar pandemic relief plan may advance through congress.

(as said) “With a price tag this big you’d think the House Democrats would want this bill to go through the committee process where congress and the public can digest this information, but no,” Feenstra says. “They’re attempting to fast track this bill to make decisions with no committee, no bipartisanship, no oversight and no discussion.” D

Democrats in the House and Senate may use a process to bypass attempts by Republican to block the package with a filibuster in the Senate. It means votes on the package could be held in the near future, although Biden and 10 Republican senators met Tuesday  to review their alternative plan which would spend about a third as much as Biden’s. Feenstra says the Biden plan is “bloated” and is signalling he’ll oppose it.

(as said) “American taxpayers, this is your money, not government’s,” Feenstra said, “and it’s being spent with no accountability and no transparency.”

Feenstra, made his comments during his first  speech on the House floor.

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