Iowa Unlikely To Adopt Hands Free Driving Law In 2021

From Radio Iowa- House Speaker Pat Grassley says it is unlikely the 2021 legislature will vote to make it illegal to drive while handling a smart phone. Grassley says some of the questions House Republicans have raised haven’t been answered.

(as said) “Just the enforcement, with law enforcement, how that would all play out,” Grassley says. “There’s a lot of members in the (House Republican) Caucus who have a lot of questions of how that actually look in its implementation.”

It is illegal to text while driving in Iowa, but drivers cannot be ticketed for having a cell phone in their hand while driving.  Today, 26 other states have laws that ban motorists from using cell phones while driving, unless they’re making calls unless they are hands free.

Back in 2015, Governor Terry Branstad lobbied legislators to pass a law to make it a crime to handle a cell phone while driving, but it failed that year and in every year since.


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